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Well, I’ve aged 17 years! I think I’ve reached max­i­mum com­fort level and some­thing else deeper hap­pens. I think it might be that I have fewer shits to give, as I get older. It makes it more re­laxed. All this stuff about the sweet Santa, the way the show ends, it has more and more mean­ing. The value of love in our lives—that is more im­por­tant than any­thing else.

Have there been years when you re­sisted com­ing back?

There has been years where at the very end I ques­tioned whether I wanted to come back next year. And that’s just ex­haus­tion, be­cause it is a re­ally big com­mit­ment. We have six shows a week be­gin­ning the week be­fore Thanks­giv­ing, all the way through New Year’s. It takes a lot out of my life and a lot from the life of me and my hus­band John. But I miss it and John, ev­ery sin­gle year, wants me to be happy and loves that I am in the show. And his 96-year-old mother wants me to con­tinue.

Com­pare the rest of your year to the crazi­ness of this sea­son.

‘The San­ta­land Diaries’

It’s a seven-week gig. It’s a week and a half of re­hearsal, then five and a half of the show. I work in an of­fice job with the tie and the nametag and it’s straight-laced. And then— it ex­plodes. Ten months out of the year I am re­pressed and then this hap­pens. That’s the truth. In the of­fice en­vi­ron­ment, even though there is a nondis­crim­i­na­tion pol­icy in place, you re­ally can’t be an out elf. You can’t be mis­chievous. You can’t say what is on your mind. But in “San­ta­land,” I get to do all of that.

What kind of ideas and ref­er­ences do you ex­pect to bring in this year?

Each year ev­ery­one comes in with their ideas. I start mak­ing mine in July. I am ex­cited about gay mar­riage, Don­ald Trump and “Cher: The Mu­si­cal.”

Dur­ing the run has there been a fa­vorite year or per­for­mance?

Christ­mas Eve is al­ways a spe­cial night. The show it­self ends on Christ­mas Eve and that is when Crum­pet has the en­counter with the se­cret Santa. It feels ex­tra sweet to talk about that on that day.

The cast of ‘San­ta­land Diaries.’ (Public­ity photo)

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