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I’ve al­ways had a fas­ci­na­tion with drinks. It took about three or four weeks to get my cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. It’s weird be­cause right af­ter I got cer­ti­fied, even though I got a B+ in the class, I was kind of afraid to go out there and start work­ing as a mixol­o­gist. Last year I had the op­por­tu­nity to do events, par­ties and wed­dings and that was ac­tu­ally the first time that I took out the time to ac­tu­ally do it.

In your opin­ion, what’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween a mixol­o­gist and a bar­tender?

Me per­son­ally, I like to take dif­fer­ent liquors and mix them to­gether and take liqueurs and start mix­ing. Some­times I don’t even know what I’m go­ing to name them, I just go with what I know that tastes good. I come up with the ti­tle of my sig­na­ture drink at the end and keep track of what I added into it and how much.

A bar­tender is some­body who you can go to at a wed­ding or what­ever and pour you a drink. A mixol­o­gist takes the time to mix and ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent liquors and liqueurs and comes up with the ti­tle at the end.

What do you like about be­ing a mixol­o­gist?


Add the Dis­aronno, rum, sweet and sour mix, schnapps, and sour ap­ple pucker/grena­dine/pineap­ple mix­ture to the cup with the mud­dled fruits.


With the empty mar­tini glass, rim with caramel syrup (pre­ferred choice for the Christ­mas sea­son) or honey. Gen­tly sprin­kle red and green sugar crys­tals around the rim of the glass. Half red/half green around the glass. the client asks me to cre­ate a sig­na­ture drink that cor­re­sponds to what type of event it is. Know­ing I cre­ated some­thing just for them gives me joy. Glass cock­tail when they look at it. Just how I use my garnish, like not ev­ery­body uses rock candy as a garnish, and how I stack it whether I’m do­ing rock candy or Jolly Ranch­ers. Or if I’m do­ing an ap­ple mar­tini, I’ll cas­cade it up­wards. I just love to ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent can­dies and other things.

What are your plans for the fu­ture?

I want to start my own LLC and by next year have my own brand where I’m go­ing out and ca­ter­ing dif­fer­ent wed­dings and events and af­fairs un­der my name.

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