Manny Pac­quiao: Beg­ging for a ho­mo­pho­bic knock­out

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Let’s pre­tend that it’s your job to get punched in the head over and over and over again by mus­cu­lar men who train for hours ev­ery day with the spe­cific goal of hit­ting you harder. Granted, you also hit th­ese men in the head, but that doesn’t change the fact that get­ting punched is your job. And you do this for years.

It might not sur­prise the peo­ple around you if, af­ter awhile, you started say­ing re­ally stupid shit. Which leads us to pro­fes­sional boxer and Philip­pine Se­nate can­di­date Manny Pac­quiao.

Ear­lier this month dur­ing a de­bate tele­vised by Filipino sta­tion TV5, Pac­quiao, who is run­ning for Se­nate, and the other can­di­dates were asked about their views on same­sex mar­riage, which is il­le­gal in the Philip­pines. Pac­quiao’s an­swer was clearly the re­sult of be­ing punched in the head too many times.

“It’s just com­mon sense,” he said. “Do you see an­i­mals mat­ing with the same sex? If you have male-to-male or fe­male-to-fe­male (re­la­tion­ships), then [gay] peo­ple are worse than an­i­mals.”

Later he posted a Bi­ble verse about putting gays to death on his In­sta­gram ac­count.

Well, this isn’t the first time LGBT peo­ple have been com­pared to an­i­mals. And this isn’t the first time some­one has pointed to non-hu­man species for ev­i­dence that be­ing a homo is un­nat­u­ral.

It is not, as Pac­quiao claims, “com­mon sense.” What is com­mon, how­ever, is the well-doc­u­mented in­stances of an­i­mals other than hu­mans get­ting, as sci­en­tists put it, “gay up in this bitch.”

Pac­quiao faced some pretty steep con­se­quences for his “worse than an­i­mals” com­ment. Nike dropped him. Pac­quiao did apol­o­gize, for what it’s worth. And it’s not worth much.

Does Pac­quiao have a right to his own opin­ion? Of course he does. But he doesn’t have a right to his own facts.

Manny Pac­quiao

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