Don­ald Trump: ‘Mak­ing Amer­ica Great Again,’ un­less you’re a mi­nor­ity

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A re­cent episode of “This Amer­i­can Life” fea­tured a gay teenager who was to­tally gay for Don­ald Trump. This kid’s par­ents were to­tally op­posed to him be­ing gay and he cited his num­ber one is­sue as be­ing mar­riage equal­ity. He be­lieved whole­heart­edly that Trump sup­ported mar­riage equal­ity (he doesn’t). And even af­ter be­ing con­fronted with ev­i­dence that Trump has opin­ions to the con­trary, the kid ba­si­cally said that Trump pre­tends to be anti-gay to score points with con­ser­va­tives, but that he doesn’t re­ally feel that way.

And maybe that’s true. But, as John Oliver pointed out about Trump’s racism, he’s ei­ther racist or pre­tend­ing to be and af­ter awhile there isn’t any dif­fer­ence. The same goes for whether or not Trump is hos­tile to gays. You can only pre­tend to be anti-gay for so long be­fore you’re anti-gay.

Dur­ing a March 5 press con­fer­ence, reporter David Mar­tosko asked Trump to clar­ify his stance on mar­riage equal­ity and Oberge­fell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court rul­ing le­gal­iz­ing mar­riage equal­ity.

And Trump wouldn’t do it.

“Well, I’ve made it very strong. We have pol­icy on it, and I’ve said it very, very strongly, and I think you know it,” Trump re­sponded to Mar­tosko. “And it’s all done and, you know, how many times do I have to say it? It’s like, as an ex­am­ple, what is my po­si­tion on 900 dif­fer­ent things? I’ve said it 150 times. We’re not here for dis­cussing that. But ev­ery­body knows how I feel on it.”

Well thank the lord that’s cleared up. It’s ex­actly his po­si­tion on 900 dif­fer­ent things. Ev­ery­body knows! The end!

To be clear, Trump has never come out in sup­port of mar­riage equal­ity.

If you think that Trump is LGBT friendly, then I have some Trump Steaks to sell you. Les­bian and gay rights have come so far (still a lot of work to do when it comes to trans­gen­der rights), so fast. We can’t risk decades of ad­vance­ment on the wink-and-anudge eva­sive­ness of a mega­lo­ma­niac.

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