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the fu­ture scary. I never took the time to re­ally think where I had been and where I was go­ing with my life. I wasn’t sure who I was as a woman. I picked up “The Art of Hap­pi­ness” by the Dalai Lama. It changed my life.

There was a lot about the Bud­dhist phi­los­o­phy that ap­pealed to me and made sense – karma and cause and ef­fect be­ing the two most ob­vi­ous. I then dis­cov­ered Soka Gakkai and Nichiren Bud­dhism. I started chant­ing and I found that I couldn’t es­cape my­self or my karma. I earned a Go­hon­zon, a sa­cred man­dala which is al­most like a mir­ror into one­self and that’s when I started mak­ing life changes - the big­gest one be­ing liv­ing a sober life. Chant­ing changes your per­spec­tive on day-to-day things and puts you in rhythm with life.

In 2004, you started a non­profit that helps train women in In­dia to care for street an­i­mals. How did that is­sue get on your radar?

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