‘All you have to do is dream’

GA Voice - - The Wedding Issue -

Ge­or­gia Voice: Kayce, Effie is so iconic. Who is she to you?

Effie is ex­tremely de­ter­mined. I don’t be­lieve she has had much suc­cess with re­la­tion­ships and with busi­ness. She has had a lot

Peo­ple con­nect to the theme, the story. It’s about ac­cep­tance. In the show, it doesn’t mat­ter that I am big­ger, that I sing the way I do, look the way I do. That is a theme that peo­ple in the gay com­mu­nity have to deal with ev­ery day. In our lives, what re­ally mat­ters is whether you ac­cept your­self.

Why is this show so rel­e­vant in the LGBT com­mu­nity?

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