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Jack­son’s well be­ing? A sim­ple trip to the gro­cery store as a gay dad would prove to be a test.

“When you have a kid and you go to the gro­cery—you’re out. Ev­ery sin­gle checker in the world would say, ‘How sweet that you let mom have the day off and you’re do­ing the gro­cery shop­ping,’” he re­calls a store clerk com­ment­ing.

“You can never hide that [sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion] be­cause your child will see that you’re em­bar­rassed by your life­style. It forced me to say, ‘Oh ac­tu­ally he has two dads and his other dad is at home right now.’ The shocked look

It’s clear that in a spir­i­tual sense, Jack­son chose Man­ford and Roach as much as they chose him. He as­sures his par­ents that he’s not ashamed that he has two dads and would never hide it. The pair has no plans to ex­pand their fam­ily now that they’re older and have set­tled into the groove of their cur­rent fam­ily dy­namic. But there is one last or­der of busi­ness to com­plete. They’d like the state of Texas to reis­sue Jack­son’s birth cer­tifi­cate with both their names as his par­ents—cur­rently Man­ford’s name is the only name listed.

As for Man­ford’s par­ents, specif­i­cally his mother, she con­tin­ues to up­hold the be­lief that mother knows best.

“I knew that let­ter was false. It was some­thing about that that didn’t ring true,” she’d later tell her son. “And here you are telling us that you are go­ing to have a grand­child for us!” In­deed.

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