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one else and I was soooo livid. I was like, “She can’t even sing it! I can sing it so much bet­ter than her!” I re­mem­ber yelling at my aunt in the sanc­tu­ary af­ter ev­ery­body left and she was like, “You need to calm down,” and I was just like, “NO! I’m not gonna calm down. That solo is mine. I should have it,” and I got it. (Laughs)

Bey­oncé – she’s one of your all-time fa­vorites.

Oh, she’s my idol.

What is it about her? How does she in­spire you as a per­former / singer / fash­ion­ista?

Hon­estly, she’s so just so… she’s made her­self a verb, she’s made her­self an ad­jec­tive, she’s made her­self such an en­tity – a force of na­ture. She lit­er­ally al­most fell (dur­ing the half­time show) and with­out miss­ing a beat got right back up and didn’t miss a sin­gle count – that in it­self makes any­one want to look up to her.

What do you make of peo­ple who refer to you as a diva?

Some­times it’s a com­pli­ment. But it doesn’t mean best in their craft any­more. It has this at­ti­tude about it, like “I’m a diva be­cause I’m fierce at what I do” not be­cause “I’m the best at what I do.” So, that both­ers me a lit­tle bit. It doesn’t mean prima donna any­more; it means, “I can wear a leo­tard on stage and give a sub­par show,” rather than, “I can get on the stage and mur­der every­one”– not mur­der every­one in the sense of killing them, but mur­der my per­for­mance and be the best at what I do.

You broke a lot of ground as Unique on “Glee,” which helped to start a con­ver­sa­tion re­gard­ing gen­der and trans is­sues, both of which are now in the fore­front. What does it mean to have been one of the first trans char­ac­ters on tele­vi­sion?

It was a great plat­form and such a great show, but to have a role come into your life that means some­thing – that ac­tu­ally changes the way peo­ple view so­ci­ety – it’s just great. Just to know that I was a part of some­thing that’s big­ger than me makes it even bet­ter. Some­times you get those roles twice, some­times once, so I’m just happy I had mine so early in my ca­reer.

Did the show have you ques­tion­ing your own gen­der at all?

I guess I’ve never re­ally seen my­self as a woman. Yes, I phys­i­cally have seen my­self as a woman, but when I think about 30 years in the fu­ture, I don’t see my­self tran­si­tion­ing into a woman. I see my­self as a gay male with my hus­band and my chil­dren and liv­ing that life. I guess that’s how I’ve con­firmed it with my­self, which could change. I don’t know. Who knows? I could have an­other cathar­tic self-dis­cov­ery down the line.

You and Adam Lam­bert are tour­ing, which has to be the gayest billing of the year.

No – it’s gonna be the gayest event of life. Two gays on the road! How fab­u­lous!

What can peo­ple ex­pect?

Two hours of scream­ing the en­tire time and just singing in your face and just great vo­cals and runs. We might just ex­plode by the end of the night ev­ery day.

What about in­cor­po­rat­ing a Bey­oncé cover? Which song of hers would you do?

I mean, I’m lit­er­ally about to sing “For­ma­tion” wher­ever I go now be­cause I just want to say (a la Bey­oncé), “If you fuck me right, I’ll take you to Red Lob­ster.”

Do you eat at Red Lob­ster?

I’ve never been to Red Lob­ster a day in my life.

But you’ll eat there now?

Un­less Bey­oncé is there her­self, no.

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