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We cast lo­cally first, but we did not find (some of) the prin­ci­pals lo­cally so we cast that net na­tion­ally. We lit­er­ally had hun­dreds and hun­dreds of videos to go through. That is how we chose our Kim and our En­gi­neer. Kim is played by Niki Badua, who was just in the na­tional tour of “Mamma Mia.” The re­ally cool thing is that, hers is the first video we got. We had it the next day. When I saw it, I said this is her. I wanted Kim to be be­liev­ably 17. She is in­cred­i­ble. We are lucky to get her early in her ca­reer. The En­gi­neer is played by Ey­mard Ca­bling, who has played the En­gi­neer sev­eral times in na­tional tours, and Chase Pea­cock, who is lo­cal, is Chris.

Tell me about your take on this?

The char­ac­ters all have this idea of a movie in their minds. So we have mo­ments that are very dream­like and cin­e­matic, grand times when they are us­ing their imag­i­na­tion, where we can re­ally change the color and tone. Then we come out

Gay, straight - we are al­ways look­ing for true love and hope. We are at a point in our coun­try right now where it can be hard to have hope any­more. Ev­ery day we take one step for­ward and then 25 miles back—like Or­lando. The one thing we do have is hope and the abil­ity to fight. In the show, the char­ac­ters have to have this hope, and fight, be­cause some things you have no phys­i­cal con­trol over.

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