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It’s ba­si­cally just a crime story about the catching of the most no­to­ri­ous gang leader in Lon­don. It is filled with char­ac­ters who are not the nicest peo­ple in the world. It’s also filled with lust, sex, guns, and vi­o­lence.

Tell us about your char­ac­ter.

My char­ac­ter, Mrs. Peachum, is prob­a­bly the dark­est in the play. She will do any­thing to get what she wants, but she is trapped in a hor­ri­ble mar­riage, a mar­riage of con­ve­nience. She’s in a very dark place.

Why does this hold up?

There are so many hu­man as­pects. One of the most im­por­tant things about the play is how its power and cor­rup­tion re­ally res­onate now. There seems to be some­thing in the world to­day where peo­ple feel trapped. Just look at our elec­tion now, and what’s hap­pen­ing in the U.K. with Brexit.

The in­ter­est­ing thing is that there is a lot of com­edy in the play but when done well, it turns your mind in­side out. It’s al­most like a night­mar­ish car­toon; there is some­thing pro­foundly hu­man that comes out of it. On top of that, there is this fab­u­lous score.

‘The Three­penny Opera’ Is there any sig­nif­i­cance to the fact that a gay man is play­ing this role?

I don’t know that there is one. I don’t look at it that way per­son­ally. I look at it as an ac­tor tak­ing on another role. If any­thing, it might make her more mon­strous.

Why did you take a break from act­ing?

I walked away for a while. I didn’t think I was get­ting what I wanted out of it. There were other things in life I wanted to pur­sue.

How has theater changed since?

You walk in and the cast is very young. Yet the won­der­ful thing is, for me, com­ing back, I do feel like I am home. I have worked at 7 Stages for years. I have known Heidi for­ever. Bryan Mercer is do­ing the mu­sic and he and I have known each other 30, 35 years. The sur­pris­ing thing is to work with all th­ese young peo­ple and they look up to me.

What can gay au­di­ences get from the show?

Be­sides the hu­man el­e­ment I men­tioned ear­lier and the score, we have a re­ally hot lead­ing man. And a fat man in a dress. I think it’s go­ing to be fun.

Out ac­tor Don Fin­ney stars as Mrs. Peachum in the 7 Stages pro­duc­tion “The Three­penny Opera.” (Cour­tesy photo)

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