Laura In­gra­ham’s point­less re­sponse to Na­tional An­them protest

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By now, you have heard about Colin Kaeper­nick, the San Fran­cisco 49ers player who re­fused to stand dur­ing the Na­tional An­them be­fore a game.

His rea­son­ing is pretty com­pelling. “I am not go­ing to stand up to show pride in a flag for a coun­try that op­presses black peo­ple and peo­ple of color,” he said. “To me, this is big­ger than foot­ball and it would be self­ish on my part to look the other way. There are bod­ies in the street and peo­ple get­ting paid leave and get­ting away with mur­der.”

Some peo­ple are re­ally up­set with Kaeper­nick, one of whom is Laura In­gra­ham, who tweeted on Aug. 30, “Good Q: What would have hap­pened if Kaper­nick [sic] dis­re­spected the rain­bow flag bef the game?”

Which is ac­tu­ally not a good ques­tion at all be­cause not only did she spell his name wrong, the com­par­i­son is il­log­i­cal, as many peo­ple on Twit­ter have al­ready pointed out.

Writer John How­ell Har­ris re­sponded, “b/c gay peo­ple have a nearly 300 year his­tory of sub­ju­ga­tion & in­sti­tu­tion­al­ized op­pres­sion of black peo­ple? Is that the Q?”

Now that is a good ques­tion.

In­gra­ham, who has called for peo­ple to start wear­ing adult di­a­pers in or­der to pro­tect them­selves from the pos­si­bil­ity of shar­ing a pub­lic re­stroom with a trans per­son and has said that be­ing against mar­riage equal­ity “doesn’t say that you’re anti­gay peo­ple or you don’t like gay peo­ple,” is ob­vi­ously not ex­pect­ing an an­swer to her rhetor­i­cal query. She’s pos­ing the ques­tion in or­der to ac­cuse lib­er­als of choos­ing gays over Amer­ica, be­cause you can’t be pro-LGBT and love your coun­try. Nor can you raise is­sues that make white peo­ple un­com­fort­able, which means any­thing re­lated to racism, which is over be­cause Obama, ob­vi­ously.

The truth is, Amer­ica is a coun­try with great ideals. It’s a shame that we still have yet to live up to them.

Laura In­gra­ham

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