Don­ald Trump’s misog­yny mat­ters whether you’re a woman or not

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As part of the lib­eral me­dia, I have been work­ing night and day to rig this elec­tion for Hil­lary Clin­ton and I am ex­hausted. And I know what you’re think­ing: “D’Anne (as we are on a first name ba­sis), you’re not sup­posed to ad­mit that! It’s all sup­posed to be done in se­cret.” But Don­ald Trump has ex­posed the plan, so the pussy is out of the bag.

At this point 10 women have come out pub­licly claim­ing to be the vic­tims of a whole host of sex­ual mis­con­duct by Trump. The can­di­date de­nies it all, even claim­ing that some of the women weren’t at­trac­tive enough to mo­lest in the first place.

Look, Trump’s misog­yny mat­ters whether or not you’re a woman be­cause misog­yny is at the root of anti-LGBT an­i­mus. Gay men are hated for “act­ing like women.” Les­bians are hated for “act­ing like men” and not hav­ing sex with men or ex­ist­ing to please het­ero­sex­ual men. Bi­sex­u­als strad­dle both of th­ese worlds. And the very idea of be­ing trans is the ul­ti­mate “in­sult” to het­ero­sex­ist gen­der norms. As some peo­ple who don’t un­der­stand, or care to un­der­stand, see it, to be a man who wants to be a woman is un­fath­omable in a world where women are con­sid­ered in­fe­rior.

So when Don­ald Trump brags about be­ing able to grab women “by the pussy” and still has peo­ple sup­port­ing him, it is alarm­ing not just be­cause it demon­strates Trump’s to­tal dis­re­gard for women as hu­man be­ings. It also re­veals a sick and lim­ited idea of gen­der roles that puts het­ero­sex­ual men at the top of the gen­der hi­er­ar­chy, and ev­ery­one else ex­ist­ing only in re­la­tion­ship to what­ever het­ero­sex­ual men deem them good for.

We’ve made so much progress in this coun­try when it comes to LGBT rights, but Trump is a painful re­minder of how much more work we have to do. So get out there and “rig” the “elec­tion” by “vot­ing” for “Hil­lary Clin­ton” on Nov. 8 at your “lo­cal” polling “place.” (As for the “quotes,” the lib­eral “me­dia” and its “le­gions” know what I “mean.” Wink, “wink.”)

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