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the case of so­cio-po­lit­i­cal artist Larry Jens An­der­son, a stripped-down ver­sion of his “Dance of Death” pieces.

“The first three suc­cess­ful AIDS draw­ings, or draw­ings about AIDS that I did, were stick fig­ures made out of knives,” An­der­son said. “In my stu­dio I had this Crock Pot full of kitchen knives. I went in one day and I dumped them out and I started mak­ing stick fig­ures out of them, with knives for penises. That could be a rape thing; the dan­ger of sex. I liked him a lot.”

The orig­i­nal exhibit in­cluded those draw­ings and more, sur­rounded by knives and hy­po­der­mic nee­dles stuck into the wall. It was in­tensely per­sonal, An­der­son said.

“One of the things that artists can do, and have done for cen­turies even if it’s un­com­fort­able, they’ll paint it or draw about it,” he said. “With AIDS, peo­ple can have it and never know it and it may man­i­fest into a dis­ease or it may not, de­pend­ing on the per­son. And these knives … that was a metaphor for dis­ease, or in­va­sion.”

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