Lib­erty Coun­cil’s Mat Staver is out for blood

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It’s been months since Omar Ma­teen shot over 100 peo­ple at the Pulse night­club in Or­lando, killing 49. Surely enough time has passed that we can stop mourn­ing the dead and start wor­ry­ing about the real vic­tims of the at­tack: the first re­spon­ders who had to wade through all that gross AIDS blood.

On Jan. 23, Lib­erty Coun­cil’s Mat Staver took to his Faith and Free­dom ra­dio pro­gram to take the night­club at­ten­dees to task for hav­ing the temer­ity to bleed once they were shot.

“In re­gards to the Pulse night­club,” Staver said, “As tragic as it is, some of these of­fi­cers have no doubt gone through trauma as well be­cause they were go­ing through the Pulse night­club, it was blood ev­ery­where and, you know, they’re hav­ing to get tested for AIDS-re­lated con­di­tions be­cause they’re lit­er­ally walk­ing in pools of blood.”

Note, too, that he’s just as­sum­ing that the dead and wounded had AIDS. In other words, he sees the vic­tims as dis­eased first, hu­man se­cond (if at all).

Note that Staver pref­aces his bar­baric com- ment with “as tragic as it is,” but it cer­tainly seems like he doesn’t think it was all that tragic.

This is a guy who, right af­ter the shoot­ing, lamented the fact that churches who helped out the vic­tims were too nice to them.

“Churches got in­volved and they led in some cases and in other cases they fol­lowed and … in­stead of an op­por­tu­nity to pray, some of them al­lowed it to be a ho­mo­sex­ual love fest,” he said. “That’s not some­thing that we need to cel­e­brate, this is a tragedy that is against all Amer­i­cans.”

Keep in mind that the “that” and “this” com­ing out of Staver’s mouth re­fer not to the shoot­ing, but to ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity, the real tragedy.

But hey, Trump promised to pro­tect LGBT peo­ple from for­eign ide­olo­gies, so I’m sure we’ll all be OK.

Mat Staver

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