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I’m work­ing full-time for Her­shey’s Choco­late, in sales and mer­chan­dis­ing in the healthy snack­ing di­vi­sion. Ge­or­gia Revo­lu­tion just started back up, so now un­til Au­gust, I’ll be play­ing with them. I’m also do­ing some travel to Is­rael.

This is in ad­di­tion to some work you’re do­ing in the LGBT com­mu­nity?

I’m part of Rain­bros, an LGBT peer men­tor­ing group, help­ing in the health and fit­ness el­e­ment. My other project con­cerns the At­lanta United MLS [Ma­jor League Soc­cer] team here. I went to the first game with my boyfriend and there was a lot of ho­mo­pho­bic lan­guage said by our fans. I’m in the fi­nal pro­cesses of writ­ing an ar­ti­cle about my ex­pe­ri­ence as an LGBT fan at the games and how there’s still moun­tains to climb in Ma­jor League Soc­cer. I’m writ­ing this ar­ti­cle in part to reach out to At­lanta United to see if they can con­sider a Pride night.

Take me back to where you started – how did you get to this point?

Adam McCabe, 25, started play­ing for the Ge­or­gia Revo­lu­tion FC ear­lier this month. (Cour­tesy photo) pro­fes­sional soc­cer over­seas in Eng­land, part of it was run­ning away from my sex­u­al­ity.

When one thinks of su­per ma­cho sports, soc­cer doesn’t first come to mind. Is it truly that het­eronor­ma­tive of a sport?

In Europe, it’s seen as more ma­cho. I was in Eng­land, which is one of the harsh­est and most ma­cho coun­tries for soc­cer. It’s known for be­ing very phys­i­cal and in your face. I def­i­nitely didn’t feel I could tell any­one just be­cause of the way my team­mates and coaches spoke.

You played from 2011 to 2014 be­fore an in­jury ended your time in Eng­land, but you went on to play in other coun­tries. Was the en­vi­ron­ment for gays any bet­ter? you had your light­bulb mo­ment?

I was tired of 23 years of not be­ing hon­est with my­self. I met my boyfriend and he was great about let­ting me find out who I am. I started play­ing soc­cer again and was ap­proached about play­ing for a team down in McDonough [The Ge­or­gia Revo­lu­tion]. I started feel­ing more com­fort­able with my­self and was ready to give back to the com­mu­nity.

Why do you think so many ath­letes are hes­i­tant to come out?

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