Why is a pel­i­can’s mouth so big?

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Pel­i­cans have large pouches, also called throat sacs, at­tached to their mouths to help them catch fish. They use their pouches in the same way that fish­er­men use nets to catch fish. When a pel­i­can is hun­gry, it opens its mouth and dunks its pouch un­der­wa­ter to scoop up fish — along with enough wa­ter to fill two toi­let bowls! Even cooler, the pouch is very sen­si­tive and helps a pel­i­can know when fish are nearby based solely on touch. Once a pel­i­can scoops up a fish in its pouch, it opens its bill and slowly squeezes the wa­ter from its pouch while keep­ing the fish in­side. Then, the pel­i­can swal­lows its meal whole.

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