What is a platy­pus? — Macken­zie, 9, OH

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A duck-billed platy­pus is a fresh­wa­ter mam­mal that’s na­tive to Aus­tralia. They sort of look like a mix be­tween a beaver and duck, so they’re eas­ily iden­ti­fied by their long, flat snout, which helps them move through wa­ter. Since they spend so much time in wa­ter, they also have webbed feet and their beaver-like tail helps them steer their bod­ies through the wa­ter — how cool! To make them ex­tra-unique, the platy­pus is one of only five mam­mals in the world that lay eggs. An adult platy­pus can grow up to 1.4 feet long and weigh only three pounds. A male platy­pus also has a ven­omous stinger on his rear feet that helps him de­fend him­self from preda­tors.

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