DIY: Make A Spring­time Bird Feeder!

You’ll be ev­ery­one’s hero with these cool draw­ings!

Girls' World - - June Contents -


1. Start by draw­ing a tilted semi­cir­cle.

2. Draw a sec­ond semi­cir­cle tilted to­wards the first.

3. In each of the semi­cir­cles, draw two small ovals.

4. Add a line across the two semi­cir­cles and a di­a­mond in the mid­dle. Color in!


1. Draw a rounded tri­an­gle with a squig­gly bot­tom.

2. Add an oval to the very top of the tri­an­gle.

3. Draw a thin bow right above the oval.

4. Add a light­ning bolt and three lines to the cape. Color in!

Rocket Booys

1. Draw a rec­tan­gle with a semi­cir­cle shape on one side.

Body suit

2. Use curved lines that make points to draw fire.

3. Re­peat steps one and two to make a sec­ond boot.

4. Add a line across the bot­toms and two lines to­wards the tops. Color in!

1. Draw a trape­zoid with sides that go out on the top.

2. Draw a cir­cle and two lines at the bot­tom of the trape­zoid. Add a sec­ond trape­zoid with sides that go out on the bot­tom.

3. Add four long rec­tan­gles for arms and legs.

4. Draw two lines and a semi­cir­cle on the chest. Color in!

Arm cuffs

1. Draw a small trape­zoid with sides that go out on top.

2. Draw a sec­ond trape­zoid.

3. In­side each one, draw a small light­ning bolt.

4. Make a line at the top and bot­tom of each. Color in!

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