Wake Up To Pretty Curls!

Trans­form your hair overnight! need All you is wa­ter and pa­per tow­els.

Girls' World - - June Contents -

Step 1

Be­fore you go to bed, part your hair down the cen­ter. Then, part your hair hor­i­zon­tally across the back of your head and pull the top half up. Se­cure it with a ba­nana clip so only the bot­tom half of your hair is down. Next, use a wa­ter-filled spray bot­tle to lightly dampen the hair that’s not clipped up.

Step 2

Gather a 1-2 inch sec­tion of hair and place a strip of pa­per towel at the bot­tom inch of it. Start rolling your hair up­ward around the piece of pa­per towel.

Step 3

Once the pa­per towel is fully rolled all the way up to the top of your hair, it’s time to tie it in place. To do this, tie the pa­per towel as though you were do­ing the first step of ty­ing a shoelace.

Step 4

Con­tinue steps 2 and 3 un­til the bot­tom half of your hair is all rolled up. Next, take out the ba­nana clip, dampen the top half of your hair and re­peat the same steps on the top half of your hair that you just did on the bot­tom half.

Step 5

Go to bed and when you wake up, gen­tly un­tie each pa­per towel roller to re­veal all of your curls!

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