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Warmin­ster came to hit. ,W’s simSOH Ds WKDW.

Af­ter putting up six runs on Hor­sham in game one, the War­riors con­tin­ued to swing KRW EDWs, SODWinJ ninH in iWs 9-0 game two vic­tory over the Astros. Warmin­ster has got­ten both great hit­ting and pitch­ing in WKH fiUsW WwR JDmHs RI WKH se­ries, show­ing what kind of dam­age a hot team can do.

“We came out and we hit the EDOO,” WDUmin­sWHU mDnDJHU DDYH Boice said. “This is what I wanted our guys to do though. I wanted them to come out and win with author­ity. I wanted to come out and win EiJ in ERWK JDmHs. ,W wDs cORsH WKH IiUsW JDmH, AOHx SiWcKHG JUHDW, wHwHUHKiWWinJWKHEDOODJDin[in­WKH sHcRnG JDmH] DnG wH SODyHG SUHWWy JRRG GHIHn­siYHOy. WH’OO KDYH WR GR WKHsDmHiIwHwDnWWRcORsHiWRuWin game three.”

AOHx BUDJin, RnH RI WDUmin­ster’s top two starters, WKUHw fiYH in­ninJs RI sKuWRuW EDOO, JDUnisKHG wiWK WwR strike­outs. Ex­cept for a few hits here and there, Hor­sham nHYHU UHDOOy JRW cRmIRUWDEOH against Bra­gin, whose off­speed pitches kept the hit­ters JuHss­inJ DOO JDmH.

TKH UHDO sWRUy, WKRuJK, is the War­riors’ bats. Outscor­inJ HRUsKDm 14-1 in WKH WwR vic­to­ries, Warmin­ster has IRunG WKH OumEHU UiJKW Rn WimH. 2nOy RnH RI WKHiU KiWs was for ex­tra bases, but they sinJOHG HRUsKDm WR GHDWK, wKiOH UHmDin­inJ SDWiHnW DW WKH SODWH, GUDwinJ sHYHn wDOks Rn WKH GDy.

“2uU OinHuS MusW UDkHs. , ORYH RuU OinHuS RnH WKURuJK nine be­cause no mat­ter who you put out there, ev­ery­one is sROiG,” WDUUiRUs sKRUWsWRS Bobby Aregeros said. “Our motto is ‘We Rake,’ be­cause that’s our sig­na­ture. We’re a WUuH WHDm. WH KDYH Iun SODy­ing to­gether and hit­ting one WKURuJK ninH OikH WKDW is wKDW you need, it’s what car­ries you through.”

WDUmin­sWHU wDs KHOG down for two in­nings, but WKDW wDs DERuW iW. PDW TUDczyk­iHwicz’s RB, sinJOH EURuJKW KRmH WKH fiUsW Uun in the bot­tom of the third. The War­riors added three more in the fourth, scor­ing a run Rn D wKiOH SiWcK DnG JHWWinJ two more on a two-RBI sinJOH Ey BREEy AUJHURs.

TKH UHDO RIIHn­siYH HxSORsiRn, KRwHYHU, cDmH in WKH fiIWK. Mak­ing Hor­sham starter Matt ScKRHWWOH SDy IRU WKUHH wDOks, RRE GDinIHOicH knRckHG in WwR wiWK Dn RB, sinJOH DnG .HYin BUDy IROORwHG suiW Ey knRck­inJ in an­other two on a base hit. By WKDW WimH WKH scRUH wDs 8-0 DnG WDUmin­sWHU wDs in cRmSOHWH cRnWURO.

Just when the top of the sixWK wDs DEOH WR EHJin, WKH skies opened up and the game had to be sus­pended unWiO WKH nHxW mRUn­inJ. EYHn WKH cRRO UDin cRuOG nRW GRusH the War­riors’ bats.

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