Mup­pets bring miz­zazz to chil­dren at Roslyn iibrary

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iaugh­ter and happy faces could be found at the Roslyn mublic iibrary Aug. 1T as chil­dren en­joyed the mup­pets miz­zazz pup­pet show.

The show was spon­sored by the Roslyn iibrary, a branch of the Abing­ton cree iibrary, as part of its cam­ily cun aays. cam­i­lies gath­ered at the li­brary cri­day morn­ings this sum­mer for per­for­mances by the pciencetellers, the lut-lfThis-torld-jagic show and more.

mup­pets miz­zazz is a pup­pet va­ri­ety show that en­ter­tains chil­dren of all ages. Chil­dren en­joyed lively pup­pets that told jokes, rid­dles, sang and danced.

“vou name it, we’ve done it,” said Barb Tom­lin­son, owner and founder of mup­pets miz­zazz.

fn ad­di­tion to per­form­ing at lo­cal li­braries, Tom­lin­son said she does per­for­mances at camps, birthday par­ties, schools, day cares, churches, syn­a­gogues and fes­ti­vals. phe said that this month alone she has had 42 shows.

Tom­lin­son said her show is dif­fer­ent from other pup­pet shows be­cause they take fa­mil­iar songs and do par­o­dies of them. mop­u­lar pop songs such as “f’m pexy and f hnow ft” by ijcAl, she changed to “f’m rgly and f hnow ft,” per­formed by a mon­ster pup­pet. phe has also changed “cor­get vou” by Cee io dreen to “6PHOO YRu,” SHUIRUPHG Ey WuUWOH, VNunN, fiVK and pig pup­pets.

Tom­lin­son said she started the show more than 20 years ago af­ter her son was born. phe said WKDW KHU fiUVW SHUIRUPDnFH ZDV DW KHU VRn’V fiUVW birthday party and added that the pos­i­tive feed- back she re­ceived from guests com­pelled her to found mup­pets miz­zazz. Tom­lin­son said her good friend and co-pup­peteer aori jar­tucci has been per­form­ing with her from the be­gin­ning.

eow­ever, Tom­lin­son said that her love for puppetry be­gan when she was a dirl pcout many years ago. phe said that as dirl pcout she was good at mak­ing peo­ple laugh and cre­at­ing her own ver­sions of songs.

“They do a great per­for­mance,” said Roslyn’s head li­brar­ian, Celia crank­ford. “f like things that are lively.”

Tom­lin­son said they make their au­di­ence part of the show by get­ting the chil­dren on their feet and mov­ing around.

au­r­ing the 4R-minute show at the li­brary the chil­dren danced to songs such as “iet’s do to the eop,” “f tant Candy,” “pkip to jy iou” that was changed to “f iost jy rn­der­wear that phould f ao?” and “eead, phoul­ders, hnees and Toes.”

Tom­lin­son, who re­ceived a Bach­e­lor of Arts in the­atre and com­mu­ni­ca­tions from Tem­ple rniver­sity, said that through the show she is able to bring the arts to young chil­dren.

“The arts are still im­por­tant to kids; high-tech xcom­put­ers and video games] are not enough,” she said. “te are xwork­ing] to keep the arts go­ing through this show. ft’s re­ally the lit­tle things that make kids happy.”

And make kids happy they did. bight-year-old Caden cuji said he liked danc­ing to the songs be­cause they were fun and sim­ple. cour-yearold ges­sica jc­janus said she liked the “Bell pong” per­formed by the bell pup­pets; S-year-old pu­sanna Coyle said she liked all the pup­pets and 4-year-old Au­drey machuta said she en­joyed ev­ery­thing about the show.

“The li­brary has good, qual­ity en­ter­tain­ment for the kids,” said Au­drey’s mom, pandi machuta. “vou never know what your kids will like, but the li­brary al­ways has good pro­gram­ming for kids and for adults as well.”

Tom­lin­son said the most re­ward­ing part of her job is hear­ing the laugh­ter of the chil­dren.

“There’s noth­ing like hear­ing kids laugh,” she said. “jany times af­ter a show kids come up to me and tell me how much fun they had. jak­ing kids happy is price­less.”

To learn more about mup­pets miz­zazz visit www.piz­zaz­zpup­pet­

Kids en­joy the Pup­pets Piz­zazz show at the Roslyn Pub­lic Li­brary Aug. 17.

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