Who would vote for Gopthis elec­tion? Poll work­ers will do the right thing

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Just weeks away from the gen­eral elec­tion and I am shocked that any Amer­i­can, let alone any­one in Penn­syl­va­nia, would even con­sider vot­ing Repub­li­can in this elec­tion.

Republicans are do­ing their damnedest to deny Amer­i­cans in some states, in­clud­ing Penn­syl­va­nia, the most pre­cious and sa­cred of all rights - the right to vote. They have boasted that it is one more ma­nip­u­la­tion to give a party that has lost its com­pass a way to win. Don’t for a minute think this is only to help Gov. Mitt Rom­ney. They know if they can­not keep the old, young and poor from vot­ing, the GOP won’t have to worry about a “EiJ WHnW,” WKHy’OO DOO fiW FRP­fort­ably in a “pup tent.”

I know of three Republicans na­tion­wide that I could con­sider vot­ing for (I won’t name them be­cause that is enough to get them forced out of the GOPF. That’s what hap­pened to the many oth­ers I found to be hon­est states­men and women with in­tegrity. They are not wel­come in to­day’s GOP.

We must de­mand Rom­ney show at least 10 years RI KiV WDx fiOinJV. ,W iV PRUH im­por­tant than ever since he has de­clared se­cretly, then proudly and openly, that those who do not pay in­come taxes (in­clud­ing se­niors, mil­i­tary, poor and dis­abledF are lazy and ir­re­spon­si­ble. By right of what moral high ground does he de­clare them ir­re­spon­si­ble or lazy?

How is it pos­si­ble that any pa­tri­otic Amer­i­can can con- sider vot­ing for any­one who has off­shore ac­counts in the Cay­mans and Switzer­land for the pur­pose of tax eva­sion? Those of us in the 99% would go to prison for that. $ PDn wKR VHHV fiW WR in­YHVW in other coun­tries rather than WKiV RnH iV nRW PRUDOOy fiW WR be pres­i­dent. Pi­rate, yes, not pres­i­dent.

Is­rael should take note that Rom­ney and the reli­gious right are only in­ter­ested in Is­rael as a step­ping-stone to the “Rap­ture,” not the sur­viv­abil­ity of Is­rael or for that mat­ter the world. Mus­lim ex­trem­ists have dreams of vir­gins; the ex­treme right reli­gious have their dream of the “End Times.” Bar­bara Mur­rowSchwartz Abing­ton 7R WKH HGiWRU:

An ed­i­to­rial and a let­ter in the Times Chron­i­cle, 9L13L12, ad­dressed the voter ID is­sue in Penn­syl­va­nia.

One sit­u­a­tion is sure to come up on Nov. 6 in ev­ery precinct across the VWDWH: D UHJiVWHUHG YRWHU comes to a polling place with­out the re­quired photo ID and states that an ex­tra­or­di­nary burden pre­vented himLher from ad­her­ing to the strict re­quire­ments of the law.

Can lo­cal of­fi­cials ac­cept the usual, cus­tom­ary ev­i­dence of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion

ex­cep­tional, hard­ship cases? I think so.

The an­cient Greeks called it epikeia, a be­nign way of in­ter­pret­ing the law when ob­sta­cles, un­fore­seen and un­in­tended by the leg­is­la­tors, place ex­treme bur­dens on some who are sub­ject to the law. That’s the sit­u­a­tion I fore­see, and I trust that of­fi­cials at the polling places will be fair-minded and con­sid­er­ate. Frank McGinty

Jenk­in­town you know who is rep­re­sen­tLnJ yRu DW WhLV YHUy fiUVW en­try level to your gov­ern­ment? If it is de­ter­mined that none of you are in­ter­ested — then they can “ap­point” oth­ers to those po­si­tions — and keep your gov­ern­ment ever “closer to the vest” — their vest — and away from yRuU RYHUVLJhW. 7Uy WR finG out who your com­mit­tee peo­ple are. Call me to let me know how hard it is. They should have made them­selves known to you IMO. BuW FDn yRu HYHn finG WhHP if you try? iora iehmann Mead­ow­brook 215-UU5-7134 eth­i­cal prob­lem here? What is the big­ger evil?

On a per­sonal note I can tell you how I be­lieve this would have af­fected my mother. Al­though she is now de­ceased I be­lieve that this may have taken away her abil­ity to vote. Af­ter health is­sues made it im­pos­si­ble to drive she let her li­cense ex­pire. Even if she knew about the need for an ID she would not have gone to the trou­ble to ob­tain one. Health is­sues, dis­tance, money, “not want­ing to trou­ble her chil­dren,” etc., would have kept her from get­ting one. She voted all her adult life and I be­lieve this law would have stopped her

Would you re­ally turn away or dis­cour­age vot­ers to win an elec­tion you feel you can’t win oth­er­wise? Is this the will of the peo­ple? Is this a more fair elec­tion? What hDYH RuU HOHFWHG RI­fiFLDOV EH­come? Bruce Asam Elkins Park gonna al­low Gov. Rom­ney to win the state of Penn­syl­va­nia … done, and signed by a Repub­li­can Gov. (who is cur­rently try­ing to take away your health careF, it ap­pears WhDW RuU HOHFWHG RI­fiFLDOV DUH mo­ti­vated more by their own po­lit­i­cal as­pi­ra­tions and much less by pass­ing good, hon­est leg­is­la­tion that’s best for all their con­stituents.

While some es­ti­mates show that up to U00,000 Penn­syl­va­ni­ans lack a photo ID — that’s po­ten­tially 9 per­cent of the vot­ers in our state that may not get the chance to vote this Novem­ber — there has been zero cases of voter fraud, which the new law sup­pos­edly ad­dresses.

Since our Repub­li­can lead­ers can’t win an elec­tion the old fash­ioned way with newer, bet­ter, fresher can­di­dates with newer, bet­ter and fresher ideas, it ap­pears that they have now at­tempted to rig the elec­tions that clearly pre­cludes a vot­ing de­mo­graphic that, as a whole, lean to­ward, and vote, Demo­cratic.

The true rem­edy for what­ever vot­ing ills we suf­fer is, of course, is not only get out the vote, but then to re­call these jok­ers who claim they rep­re­sent the av­er­age ci­ti­zen.

Just as the Tea Party clam­ored for re­peal and re­call we should do the same here in Penn­syl­va­nia this Novem­ber. Throw these bums out and start over. Terry McNa­mara


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