Glenside News - - SPORTSROUNDUP - By Mike Prince

,t wDs Dn uJOy fiUst hDOI Dt GHUPDntRwn AFDGHPy. BHtween the Pa­tri­ots and the vis­it­ing Ped­die School Fal­cons, who made the hour­plus long ride down for the af­ter­noon game, there were six turnovers and seven penal­ties in the open­ing two quar­ters alone.

But it was the Pa­tri­ots who were able to cap­i­tal­ize on the mis­takes in a big­ger wDy. AnG Dt thH HnG RI thH GDy, whLOH thH PLstDNHs nHHG to be ad­dressed, GA knows that its record is noth­ing to EH un­hDSSy wLth.

rn­der Matt Dence, the new head coach of the Pa­tri­ots, GA im­proved to 2-0 IROORwLnJ D 21-7 wLn RvHU Ped­die School (Hight­stown, NJ) in a non-league meet­ing Dt GHUPDntRwn AFDGHPy Rn SD­tuUGDy DItHUnRRn.

The Pa­tri­ots (2-0, 0-0) forced four fum­bles and saw se­nior Rob Gor­man score an offensive and de­fen­sive touch­down en route to the win.

“,’P sR hDSSy IRU thHsH Juys,” DHnFH sDLG. “,t’s just such a dif­fer­ent at­mos­phere. To start out the wDy wH GLG shRws thDt thLs is a to­tal team ef­fort. These Juys SODy IRU HDFh RthHU and it just feels so good. I can’t put into words how much I ap­pre­ci­ate them for whDt thHy’UH GRLnJ.”

3HGGLH (0-2, 0-0) DF­tuDOOy wHnt uS fiUst, FDSLtDOLzLnJ Rn RnH RI GA’s thUHH fiUst hDOI turnovers.

LDtH Ln thH fiUst TuDUtHU, GA TuDUtHUEDFN HDyHs Nolte had a pass in­ter­cepted at the line of scrim­mage DnG UH­tuUnHG 23 yDUGs IRU D touch­down. But the Pa­tri­ots fought back, scor­ing twice in the sec­ond quar­ter, in­clud­ing a de­fen­sive touch­down of their own.

At thH 5:58 PDUN RI thH sHFRnG, sHnLRU -RH TDyORU, who was on the side­lines deal­ing with cramp­ing in hLs OHJ IRU nHDUOy thH Hn­tire game, caught a 29yDUG SDss IURP NROtH tR give GA its first score of thH JDPH. AnG wLth RnOy one minute, nine sec­onds tR SODy Ln thH hDOI, whHn it ap­peared that GA would go into the locker room GRwn Ey RnH, thH 3DtULRts forced a fum­ble and GorPDn UH­tuUnHG Lt 33 yDUGs for a score.

GA, af­ter be­ing moved EDFN 15 yDUGs, thHn FRPSOHtHG D 20-yDUG SDss IURP NROtH to se­nior Lou Stevens for a two-point con­ver­sion and a 14-7 OHDG Dt thH hDOI.

“The coach has been preach­ing to us all week to wRUN hDUG HvHUy GDy DnG tDNH Lt RnH wLn Dt D tLPH,” Gor­man said. “Be­ing 2-0 is a great step and we’re tUyLnJ tR JR Rut DnG PDNH Lt 3-0 next week. It’s a great wLn.”

GRUPDn, whR finLshHG wLth nLnH FDUULHs IRU 37 yDUGs and a score, was a force on both sides of the ball. Be­sides his two scores, he also FDuJht RnH SDss IRU 11 yDUGs DnG hHOSHG tR FRPSOHtHOy shut down the Fal­cons’ pass­ing at­tack.

“Rob doesn’t even want tR FRPH RII thH fiHOG, HvHU,” Dence said. “I thought we lost him for the game in the fiUst TuDUtHU whHn hH JRt Ln­jured, and it would’ve been a tRtDOOy GLIIHUHnt JDPH wLthout him. He’s what makes this team go. To have him gut it out, I’m just real proud RI hLP.”

(DUOy Ln thH IRuUth TuDUtHU, Gor­man helped GA to cap RII D sLx-SODy, 80-yDUG GULvH wLth D 10-yDUG tRuFhGRwn Uun. -ust RnH SODy HDUOLHU, NROtH IRunG MunLRU .yOH DRnDhuH IRU D 45-yDUG SDss tR sHt uS fiUst-DnG-JRDO.

2n thH GDy, NROtH ILnLshHG wLth 182 yDUGs DnG one touch­down pass­ing whLOH FRPSOHtLnJ 11 RI 20 passes. He threw two in­ter­cep­tions in the first half, but calmed down and didn’t turn the ball over in the fi­nal two quar­ters. Be­sides Gor­man’s perIRUPDnFH, 5-IRRt-4 MunLRU Uun­nLnJ EDFN 0yOHs An­thRny OHG thH JURunG Dt­tDFN wLth 48 yDUGs Rn 13 car­ries.

Don­ahue caught three SDssHs IRU 65 yDUGs, whLOH TDyORU, whR EDUHOy SODyHG Ln the sec­ond half, caught three SDssHs IRU 70 yDUGs DnG D touch­down.

GA will look to im­prove tR 3-0 nHxt SD­tuUGDy whHn Lt hRsts BODLU AFDGHPy.

“,n RuU fiUst JDPH, wH GLGn’t hDvH Dny tuUnRvHUs DnG hDUGOy Dny SHnDOtLHs, Eut that’s some­thing we need to wRUN Rn,” DHnFH sDLG. “,t wDs hRt tRGDy DnG , thLnN thHy ORst D OLt­tOH IRFus DnG went down, but I told them stDy ORFNHG Ln DnG nRw wH just have to prac­tice at a hLJhHU tHPSR. ThHy hDvH D lot to cut down, but I’m just sR SURuG RI thHsH Juys ULJht nRw.”

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