Ed­ward A. Filmyer Jr., M.D.

Glenside News - - OBITUARIES -

Ed­ward A. FilPyHr -r., 0.D., of GlHn­sidH, diHd SHpW. 18, 2012. Born on FHE. 14, 1918, hH was WhH son of Ed­ward A. Sr. and Anna 0. (nHH EgHr) FilPyHr. HH had Wwo EroWhHrs, BHrnard G., a -HsuiW priHsW, and Wil­liaP G., forPHr prHsidHnW of PionHHr SalW & ChHPiFal Co. HH had onH sisWHr Laura WiWWkof­ski, of Vir­ginia BHaFh, Va. 7hH faPily livHd in GlHn­sidH, Pa.

Ed­ward Par­riHd RuWh HHlHn SWaplHWon in 1946.7hHy EoughW WhH hoPH on Lyn­nwood AvH­nuH in 1947 and raisHd fivH Fhil­drHn, RuWhAnn, Ed­ward, -ohn, BHrnard and 0iFhaHl. HH livHd WhHrH Will his dHaWh in 2012. HH was a lifH­long rHsidHnW of GlHn­sidH and a lifH­long PHPEHr of SW. LukH WhH EvangHlisW RoPan CaWholiF ChurFh.

HH aWWHndHd SW. LukH’s ElePHnWary SFhool, GlHn­sidH, Pa., SW. -os­Hph’s PrH­paraWory High SFhool, Phi­ladHl­phia, Pa., SW. -os­Hph’s Col­lHgH, Phi­ladHl­phia, Pa., and -Hf­fHr­son 0HdiFal Col­lHgH, Phi­ladHl­phia, Pa.

HH was a FapWain in WhH U.S. ArPy 0HdiFal Corps and sHrvHd in WhH PaFi­fiF 7hHaWHr. HH was a PHdiFal of­fiFHr on Wroop Wrans­porWs Ering­ing woundHd sol­diHrs and pris­onHrs of war EaFk Wo WHsW CoasW FiWiHs. HH also sHrvHd as a PHdiFal of-

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