Fern Naomi Kel­ton

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FHrn NaoPi .HlWon, 89, of NHwWown STuarH, Pa., forPHrly of 7aPaTua, APElHr and WHsW ChHsWHr, Pa., diHd 0on­day, SHpW. 24, 2012, aW hHr hoPH.

ShH was WhH wifH of WhH laWH Franklin CroWhHrs .HlWon, 0.D., who passHd away in 2008. Born in 7aPaTua, Pa., shH was WhH daugh­WHr of WhH laWH GHorgH Wash­ingWon ClHP­son and EsWhHr DoroWhHa (SFhad) Clem­son.

FHrn was a grad­u­aWH of 7aPaTua High SFhool, Class of 1940, and Bryn 0awr HospiWal SFhool of Nurs­ing, Class of 1943.

ShH was a rHWirHd nursH and housHwifH, and workHd unWil 1945 as an as­sisWanW nighW supHrvi­sor aW Bryn 0awr HospiWal.

ShH was a PHPEHr of SW. FranFis in WhH FiHlds EpisFopal ChurFh, 0alvHrn, Pa. ShH was also a PHPEHr of WhH APHriFan LH­gion Aux­il­iary and WhH Bryn 0awr HospiWal AluPni As­soFi­aWion.

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