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Glenside News - - FRONT PAGE - By Jar­reau Free­man

A sWar-sWuGGeG evenW was Ln full swLnJ OcW. 9, as community mem­bers from throughout AELnJWRn TRwn­sKLS enMRyeG WKe HRRray fRr PALlywRRG InWer­naWLR­nal FRRG FesWL­val KRsWeG Ey WKe AELnJWRn PRlLce Ath­letic League.

TKe HRl­ly­wRRG-WKePeG evenW was KelG aW WKe PKLlPRnW CRunWry CluE Ln HunWLnJGRn Val­ley anG was WKe “EesW fRRG fesWL­val we ever KaG,” ac­cRrGLnJ WR PAL Pres­i­dent Lew Kline.

“AlWKRuJK WKLs Ls WKe PaMRr funG-raLsLnJ evenW fRr AELnJWRn PAL, LW re­ally EecRPes a ELJ neLJKERrKRRG ElRcN SarWy,” Kline said.

An es­WLPaWeG 600 cRPPunLWy PePEers aWWenGeG WKe evenW anG an es­WLPaWeG $100,000 was raLseG, .lLne saLG.

Many guests in at­ten­dance said they have been com­ing to the event for years.

LLfelRnJ AELnJWRn resLGenW MarLeWWa Tan­ner saLG sKe has at­tended the food fes­ti­val for nine years.

“I lLNe cRPLnJ WR WKLs evenW Eecause the or­ga­ni­za­tion works with kids in WKe ElacN cRPPunLWy, anG all Rver WKe WRwn­sKLS, anG I suSSRrW WKaW,” sKe saLG. “AlsR, I lLNe cRPLnJ WR WKLs evenW anG seeLnJ all WKe SeRSle I NnRw, anG [WKLs year show­ing my sup­port of] the man be­ing hon­ored who is a huge part of this event.”

TKe Pan Tan­ner was re­fer­rLnJ WR was re­cenWly reWLreG MRnWJRPery CRunWy CKLef DeWecWLve Os­car P. Vance -r. wKR ERuJKW WKe fRRG fesWL­val LGea WR PAL 10 years aJR. Vance was EeLnJ KRnRreG fRr his ser­vice to PAL and the community.

Lew Klein, right, pres­i­dent of the Abing­ton PAL Board of Di­rec­tors, pays trib­ute to re­tired Chief Os­car Vance.

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