Reader says ex­pe­ri­ence at of­fice was fine

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qo the ed­i­torW

f am sorry that qed qay­lor had a bad day at Jenk­in­town’s 6RFLDO 6HFuULWy 2IfiFH. (GRRG luck get­ting helpI Sept. OTI OMNO.F f do agree with him re­gard­ing the in­con­ve­nience RI WKH RI­fiFH’s FORsLQJ, EuW Py ex­pe­ri­ences there were not nearly as scin­til­lat­ing and en­tirely the op­po­site of his.

When f hit the magic age sev­eral years agoI agents there at­ten­tively helped me to nav­i­gate the in­tri­ca­cies of the Medi­care ap­pli­ca­tion. ff not gre­gar­i­ously out­go­ing as Mr. qay­lor seems to ex­pect. ft’s got to be a mo­not­o­nous job. , IRuQG WKHP HI­fiFLHQW DQG HI- fec­tive. veahI yeahI f had to wait in those un­com­fort­able gov­ern­ment low-bid­der wire frame chairs un­til my num­ber popped up on the boardI but then f had to stand in line at the Wawa yes­ter­day too.

When my wife hit the tar­get this sum­merI we re­turned WR WKH RI­fiFH DQG, RQFH DJDLQ, got the nec­es­sary as­sis­tance to com­plete the process. Why the gra­tu­itous crack about “self-im­por­tant” back RI­fiFH SHRSOH “wDQGHULQJ around?” lne of them later found a mis­take we made in our ap­pli­ca­tion and called up to tell us he ad­justed the pa­per­workI re­sult­ing in an in- FUHDsH LQ KHU EHQH­fiWs. /RRNs to me like some­one is do­ing their job.

Like any large bu­reau­cra­cyI the So­cial Se­cu­rity sys­tem KDs LWs flDws, EuW Py HxSHULence is thatI on the wholeI it suc­cess­fully serve the pub­lic. We can’t bash spend­ing on “big gov­ern­ment” and then ex­pect im­me­di­ate in­di­vid­ual at­ten­tion and Barcaloungers too. With the clos­ing of that out­postI at least we don’t have to worry about get­ting new but­tons that you can ac­tu­ally read on the wait­ing list lottery ma­chine. qhomas Wieck­owski


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