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The Christo­pher Dock fiHOd hoFNHy tHDP’s UuEEHU PDtFh wLth LowHU 0oUHODnd nHvHU wDs Ln douEt DItHU D fiUst-hDOI oIIHn­sLvH out­EuUst by the Pi­o­neers.

JoDnnD BHn­nHU sFoUHd two oI DoFN’s thUHH goDOs Ln thH oSHnLng 30 PLnutHs Dnd thH HLghth-sHHdHd 3LonHHUs shut out vis­it­ing No. 9 Lower 0oUHODnd 3-0 Ln thH DLstULFt OnH CODss AA fiUst Uound TuHs­dDy DItHUnoon.

“WH hDd D soUH Ooss thH ODst gDPH DItHU D gUHDt wLn thH fiUst gDPH thDt wH SODyHd thHP. 6o, wH wDn­tHd to FoPH out to dLstULFts stUongOy,” BHn­nHU sDLd. “WH hDd D good EUHDN ODst wHHN Dnd so wH wDn­tHd to Must show thHP in the be­gin­ning that we can doPLnDtH thLs gDPH. And thDt’s whDt wH dLd, wH FDPH out strong.”

TDyOoU 6Fh­woyHU Dd­dHd D goal on a penalty stroke as Christo­pher Dock is back in thH dLstULFt TuDUtHUfinDOs DItHU D onH-yHDU DEsHnFH. ThH 3LonHHUs vLsLt toS-sHHdHd 9LOOD 0DULD — whLFh hDd D fiUstUound EyH — ThuUs­dDy. A vLF­tory over the Hur­ri­canes puts Dock in the Class AA semis IoU thH fiUst tLPH sLnFH 2008.

“,t’OO EH D tough gDPH. ThHy’UH vHUy good, thHy’UH vHUy TuLFN, thHy’UH vHUy IDst Dnd thHy’UH vHUy HxSHULHnFHd,” sDLd DoFN FoDFh 0LFhHOOH WDOd­sSuUgHU oI 9LOOD 0DULD. “6o, wH’OO dHfinLtHOy EH FhDOOHngHd.”

For the Pi­o­neers, it was the fiUst tLPH thHy hDd sFoUHd Dt least three goals in the game sLnFH EODnNLng 3OuPstHDd ChULstLDn 3-0 on 6HSt. 28.

“WH’vH EHHn hDvLng tUou­ble cap­i­tal­iz­ing in the circle like this whole sea­son,” BHn­nHU sDLd. “6o Lt wDs gUHDt to be able to come out right DwDy Dnd gHt soPH goDOs EHFDusH Lt hDsn’t EHHn thDt way pretty much the whole sea­son.”

ChULs­toShHU DoFN (11-8-0 over­all) split its two games DgDLnst LowHU 0oUHODnd in the reg­u­lar sea­son. Dock toSSHd Lts BLFHn­tHn­nLDO AthOHtLF LHDguH ULvDO 2-1 Dt hoPH on OFt. 3, whLOH IDOOLng to thH host LLons 2-1 on Oct. 13.

“They came out strong, thHy wDn­tHd to wLn EDd,” sDLd WDOd­sSuUgHU oI hHU tHDP’s dLstULFt HIIoUt. “0y sHnLoUs hDvH SODyHd wHOO thLs sHD­son Dnd thHy wDn­tHd to tDNH Lt to thHP. ThHy SODyHd well.”

Christo­pher Dock goalNHHSHU 0DULssD 6oudHU PDdH sHvHn sDvHs to UHFoUd thH shutout. LowHU 0oUHODnd’s CODLUH 0F3hHU­son finLshHd with 16 saves.

TuHs­dDy’s Fon­tHst wDs sFoUHOHss IoU thH fiUst 15 PLnutHs EHIoUH BHn­nHU Sut DoFN uS 1-0 Dt 14:14, hHU gUound shot thUough D FUowd find­Lng Lts wDys Lnto thH EDFN oI thH FDgH.

“,t FDPH ovHU to thH OHIt sLdH, Dnd Lt FDPH DFUoss Dnd I re­mem­ber try­ing to sweep Lt Ln thH fiUst tLPH, dLdn’t hDSSHn,” BHn­nHU sDLd. “CDPH EDFN Dnd Lt wDs Must NLnd oI D ELg sFUDPEOH, Eut , Must swHSt Lt Ln. And thHn hLt thH EDFNEoDUd, hHDUd thH EDFNEoDUd EHIoUH , sDw Lt.”

ThH 3LonHHUs PDdH Lt 2-0 Dt 6:21 Ds thHy wHUH gLvHn D SHnDOty stUoNH DItHU D LowHU 0oUHODnd LnIUDFtLon Ln IUont oI thH goDO. 6Fh­woyHU FDOPOy Fon­vHUtHd, OLItLng hHU shot Lnto thH OHIt sLdH oI thH FDgH.

“WH hDvHn’t hDd D stUoNH all sea­son. That was re­ally cool to have Tay­lor able to do thDt,” BHn­nHU sDLd.

BHn­nHU SushHd thH DoFN Dd­vDn­tDgH to thUHH Must 1:51 ODtHU, EHDtLng 0F3hHU­son IUoP thH ULght sLdH oI thH FLUFOH.

“WH wDn­tHd to EH DEOH to wLn ouU fiUst dLstULFt hoPH game, but we knew we FouOdn’t EH FoPIoUtDEOH with just two goals,” Benner sDLd. “WH hDd to EULng Lt Dnd gHt DnothHU IHw.”

“,t wouOd EH UHDOOy LPSoUtDnt to wLn dLstULFts,” CDSDUo sDLd. “OEvLousOy, ODst yHDU’s Ooss to 9LOOD Jo wDs dHvDstDtLng. ,t wDs Ln ovHUtLPH Dnd DgDLnst onH oI ouU ELg­gHst ULvDOs Dnd wH hHOd thHP thH whoOH gDPH Dnd stLOO Oost, so to SODy OLNH wH dLd todDy UHDOOy PDNHs me want to keep play­ing thLs yHDU Dnd hoSHIuOOy go to states.”

AItHU G0A Dnd LowHU 0oUHODnd wHnt to thH hDOI HvHn Dt 2-2, Lt tooN Must ovHU 25 PLnutHs IoU HLthHU tHDP to gHt EDFN on thH sFoUHEoDUd. But whHn thH LDdy 0on­DUFhs, thH 1o. 2 sHHd Ln thH dLstULFt, wHUH DEOH to find thH EDFN oI thH nHt, thHy dLd so in style.

AItHU tDNLng thH EDOO DOong thH ULght sLdHOLnH SDst PLd­fiHOd, CDSDUo EHDt not onH dHIHndHU Dnd not Must two dHIHndHUs, Eut sSOLt thUHH dHIHndHUs EHIoUH PDNLng Lt to thH FoUnHU Dnd thHn sHndLng Dn DE­soOutHOy SHUIHFt FUoss to thH Eox, whHUH GLOOLngHU wDs DEOH to eas­ily score the even­tual gDPH-wLn­nLng goDO.

“ThH EDOO FDPH to PH IUoP thH othHU tHDP Dnd , Must stHSSHd uS Dnd wDn­tHd Lt,” CDSDUo sDLd. “, usuDOOy SODy on thH out­sLdH, so , sDw , hDd thH oSHn fiHOd Dnd , tooN Lt down to thH FoUnHU Dnd Must FUossHd Lt. .DtH dLd whDt wH do Ln SUDFtLFH Dnd UDn ULght IoU thH EDOO Dnd Sut Lt Ln thH net.”

Though CDSDUo dLdn’t UHFoUd onH oI hHU tHDP’s IouU goDOs Ln thH hLgh-sFoULng DIIDLU, hHU SODy on Eoth sLdHs oI thH fiHOd wDs notLFHd Ey Dny­onH who wDs watch­ing.

“TDyOoU Ls onH oI thH EHst SODyHUs on thH tHDP Dnd Ln thH OHDguH Dnd shH showHd Lt todDy,” LDPsEDFN sDLd. “6hH’s Dn AOO-LHDguH SODyHU, D DLvLsLon 1 SODyHU Dnd shH Must tooN thDt EDOO IUoP thH EDFN, tooN FhDUgH oI thH gDPH, PDdH thDt SDss Dnd thDt SODy FhDngHd thH whoOH tHPSo oI thH gDPH. 6hH’s just an awe­some player.”

ThH sHFond hDOI wDs DOO CDSDUo Dnd thH LDdy 0on­DUFhs, Eut thH fiUst hDOI wHnt both ways.

AItHU G0A tooN D 2-0 OHDd, thDnNs to goDOs IUoP MunLoU FDStDLn 0HUHdLth D’AngHOo Dnd soShoPoUH cap­tain Emily Sul­li­van, the LDdy 0on­DUFhs OHd 2-0 Dt thH 11:08 PDUN oI thH fiUst hDOI. And whLOH Lt DSSHDUHd thDt G0A wouOd tDNH thDt two-goDO OHDd Lnto thH hDOI, thH LDdy LLons tuUnHd thH Hn­tLUH gDPH DUound wLth two shots.

,n thH gDPH’s 36th PLnutH, sopho­more Ce­lena Costa tooN D SDss IUoP stDU IUHshPDn BULdgHttH AOHxDndHU Dnd EHDt G0A goDONHHSHU Court­ney Sul­li­van to cut the LDdy LLons’ dH­fiFLt to 2-1. And wLth Must 56 sHFonds UHPDLnLng Ln thH hDOI, AOHxDndHU tooN D SDss IUoP soShoPoUH .ULstHn WoOIgDng Dnd was able to tie the game at 2-2.

ThDt sFoUH UHPDLnHd un­tLO CDSDUo’s suSHUE SODy sHt uS thH GLOOLngHU goDO.

“You FDn SUDFtLFH IoU these games, but all year, wH hDdn’t EHHn Ln thDt NLnd oI sL­tuDtLon,” LowHU 0oUHODnd FoDFh John OEHUhoOtzHU sDLd. “WH hDvHn’t SODyHd Dny gDPHs Dt DOO thLs sea­son when we were be­hLnd, so to FoPH EDFN IUoP down 2-0 to tLH Lt wDs IDn­tDstLF. WH thHn hDd soPH FhDnFHs ODtH, Eut wH dLdn’t com­plete them. I thought, Dt tLPHs, wH hDd gUHDt oSSoU­tunLtLHs. ThDt’s thH Eot­tom line.”

LowHU 0oUHODnd, whLFh won the Bi­cen­ten­nial LHDguH thLs sHD­son IoU thH fiUst tLPH Ln sFhooO hLs­toUy, wDs Ln Lts fiUst dLstULFt touU­na­ment. Not only that, but WHd­nHs­dDy’s Ooss PDUNHd thH fiUst dHIHDt Ey thH LDdy LLons thLs sHD­son, who finLshHd thHLU sHD­son wLth Dn ovHUDOO UHFoUd oI 11-1-3.

ThH Iu­tuUH doHs OooN EULght IoU thH LDdy LLons, who gUD­duDtH onOy onH sHnLoU DItHU thLs sHD­son Dnd will bring back a su­perb tHDP wLth onH oI thH EHst IUHshPHn (AOHxDndHU) Ln thH DUHD nHxt yHDU.

WLth thH finDO sHFonds wLndLng down, G0A IUHsh­man Mag­gie Cameron got a EUHDNDwDy Dnd wDs DEOH to sFoUH wLth onOy 5.6 sHFonds re­main­ing to put the ic­ing on thH FDNH Dnd gLvH thH LDdy 0on­DUFhs thH two-goDO vLF­tory.

“LowHU 0oUHODnd Ls D IDn­tDstLF tHDP wLth sHvHUDO suSHU-sNLOOHd SODyHUs,” LDPsEDFN sDLd. “ThHy UHDOOy gDvH us DOO wH FouOd hDndOH. But wH Sut TDy­lor, our cap­tain, at the EDFN, Dnd oth­HUs stHSSHd uS to thH SODtH Dnd wH were able to score goals Dnd OHDd us to vLF­toUy.”

G0A usHd onH goDONHHSHU Ln HDFh hDOI, wLth se­nior Court­ney Sul­li­van stop­ping two shots in the ILUst hDOI Dnd sHnLoU AOOy )DsDno DOso stoSSHd two shots Ln thH sHFond hDOI to earn the win.

LowHU 0oUHODnd IUHshPDn goDONHHSHU 9LFNL 0uHOOHU stoSSHd HLght shots Ln nHt Dnd tooN thH Ooss.

WLth thH wLn, thH LDdy Mon­archs will await their nHxt oSSonHnt, whLFh wLOO EH thH wLn­nHU oI thH 0DUSOH New­town – Up­per PerkioPHn gDPH. G0A’s to-EHdHtHUPLnHd sHFond Uound PDtFhuS wLOO tDNH SODFH nHxt 0ondDy.

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