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late May or early June 2018, and then launch the Chang’e-4 lu­nar lan­der and rover to the Aitken Basin of the south pole re­gion of the Moon about half a year later. The Von Kar­man Crater in the Aitken Basin was cho­sen as the land­ing site for Chang’e-4 as the re­gion is be­lieved to have great sci­en­tific re­search po­ten­tial. As a grav­i­ta­tional equi­lib­rium can be main­tained there, it will be able to stay in sta­ble or­bit and op­er­ate for a long time. “We will make ef­forts to en­able the re­lay satel­lite to work as long as pos­si­ble to serve other probes, in­clud­ing those from other coun­tries,” said Ye Pei­jian, a lead­ing Chi­nese aero­space ex­pert and con­sul­tant to China’s lu­nar ex­plo­ration pro­gram. The Lu­nar Ex­plo­ration and Space Pro­gram Cen­ter of the China Na­tional Space Ad­min­is­tra­tion (CNSA) has in­vited the pub­lic to write down their hopes for lu­nar and space ex­plo­ration. More than 100,000 peo­ple have taken part, ac­cord­ing to the cen­ter.

In­ter­na­tional co­op­er­a­tion

As the far side of the Moon is shielded from elec­tro­mag­netic in­ter­fer­ence from the Earth, it’s an ideal place to study the space en­vi­ron­ment and so­lar bursts, and the probe can “lis­ten” to the deeper reaches of the cos­mos, said Liu Tongjie, deputy di­rec­tor of the Lu­nar Ex­plo­ration and Space Pro­gram Cen­ter of CNSA.

The Chang’e-4 probe will also carry sci­en­tific pay­loads de­vel­oped by the Nether­lands, Swe­den, Ger­many and Saudi Ara­bia.

“The Chi­nese and Dutch lowfre­quency ra­dio spec­trom­e­ters might help us de­tect 21-cm hy­dro­gen line ra­di­a­tion and study how the ear­li­est stars were ig­nited and how our cos­mos emerged from dark­ness af­ter the Big Bang,” said Chen Xuelei, an as­tronomer with the Na­tional As­tro­nom­i­cal Ob­ser­va­to­ries of the Chi­nese Academy of Sciences.

A Ger­man neu­tron dosime­ter will be in­stalled on the lan­der to mea­sure ra­di­a­tion at the land­ing site. Xin­hua

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