Pair forces boy to down mas­sive chugs of H2O

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ACRUEL Colorado cou­ple killed their 11-year-old kid by de­mand­ing the boy drink al­most six pints of wa­ter in four hours be­cause he had wet his bed, cops claim.

The fa­ther of Zachary Sabin — Ryan Sabin, 41, and his 42-yearold wife, Tara — are be­ing held in El Paso County Jail with­out bail and are fac­ing charges of child abuse. Ryan also faces first­de­gree mur­der charges.

Ac­cord­ing to a coroner’s re­port, Zachary died of forced wa­ter in­tox­i­ca­tion after be­ing made to in­gest the mas­sive amount of H2O with­out eat­ing.

The re­port also states be­fore his death, Zachary had vom­ited and was later found dead in his bed by his dad with blood and foam around his mouth.

The child had bruises on his head, arms and shin, and at the time of his death, he was wear­ing a soaked di­a­per, author­i­ties say.

Tara told cops the fifth-grader suf­fered from a hered­i­tary uri

nary dis­or­der that caused him to wet the bed, ac­cord­ing to an ar­rest af­fi­davit.

Cops say the cou­ple claimed the boy’s con­di­tion re­quired him to drink at least 64 ounces of wa­ter daily.

But the night be­fore his death, the af­fi­davit states Ryan or­dered Zachary to “chug the wa­ter” when the boy was sim­ply sip­ping.

The re­port also says the de­praved dad ad­mit­ted to kick­ing his kid’s leg twice.

Zachary’s heart­bro­ken mom, An­gela Tuetken, says of her late son, “He was a very gen­tle soul.”

Ryan Sabin and his wife, Tara, are both fac­ing child abuse charges

Zachary Sabin died of forced wa­ter in­tox­i­ca­tion

Zachary’s mother, An­gela Tuetken, says her son was a gen­tle soul

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