BLOOD­THIRSTY Kim Yo-jong has seized con­trol of North Korea — and U.S. in­tel­li­gence sources tell GLOBE the na­tion’s first fe­male dic­ta­tor threat­ens to spread ter­ror, vi­o­lence and death around the world to re­tain her grip on power!

In just a few months after mas­ter­mind­ing the re­ported as­sas­si­na­tion of her brother and the coun­try’s for­mer leader, chubby Kim Jong-un, 36, the ruth­less 32-year-old blew up her coun­try’s diplo­matic of­fice with South Korea, threat­ened to at­tack her neigh­bor and is be­ing called “the most dangerous woman in the world!”

The war­mon­ger­ing witch mocked South Korean com­plaints, say­ing, “A burnt child dreads the fire,” and branded North Korean de­fec­tors who sent pro­pa­ganda over the bor­der in balloons as “hu­man scum … rub­bish-like mon­grel dogs.”

She also slammed South Korean Pres­i­dent Moon Jae-in as “in­sane” while se­cretly threat­en­ing to nuke Amer­ica, a CIA source re­veals.

“Kim used his atomic bomb and mis­sile de­vel­op­ment pro­grams as bar­gain­ing chips to win con­ces­sions from the U.S. and other Western coun­tries,” says an in­tel­li­gence source.

“But govern­ment of­fi­cials around the world fear Yo won’t bar­gain. They fear she’ll launch a deadly state-sup­ported spree of ter­ror and de­struc­tion to get her way.”

Act­ing on her brother’s or­ders, Yo al­legedly sent as­sas­sins armed with a deadly toxin to kill their half brother and ri­val Kim Jong-nam at a pub­lic air­port in Malaysia in 2017.

Now, in­tel­li­gence ex­perts be­lieve, cruel Yo will as­sas­si­nate of­fi­cials in other coun­tries, as well as poi­son wa­ter sup­plies and de­stroy power grids and computer net­works in a spree of ter­ror to force en­emy na­tions to bend to her de­mands.

“Yo has pre­vi­ously helped her brother kill other North Korean of­fi­cials they con­sid­ered threats to their rule,” says the source.

“But while he mostly lim­ited his death squads to op­er­ate within his coun­try, Yo won’t.

“She’s re­port­edly bro­ken into a tin­kling laugh­ter when killings and tor­tures were de­scribed to her.

“There is rea­son to be­lieve she’ll use her death squads and spies to spread death and chaos around the globe.

“And while her brother used

mis­siles with atomic war­heads to ne­go­ti­ate, there is a fear she’ll push the but­ton, send­ing them to tar­gets in the U.S.”

She’ll also con­tinue Kim’s cash cow — the world­wide crim­i­nal busi­nesses run by the shady “Of­fice 39” in the cap­i­tal of Py­ongyang.

They in­clude: drug deal­ing, gold smuggling, arms sell­ing, cur­rency coun­ter­feit­ing and slave la­bor ex­ported to China and Rus­sia.

“The Kims are like an or­ga­nized crime fam­ily mas­querad­ing as the lead­ers of a coun­try,” says Asian spe­cial­ist Sean King of New York’s Park Strate­gies.

The money is used to buy the lux­u­ri­ous life­styles of Kim and Yo, as bribes to for­eign of­fi­cials and to pur­chase nukes. The bag­men are said to be North Korean diplo­mats.

Pretty as the girl next door, Yo is called “princess” — but only be­hind her back!

Any­one who crosses her soon finds out she’s “cold and ruth­less and haughty,” ac­cord­ing to Suzanne Scholte, a founder of Free North Korea Ra­dio,

Ed­u­cated like Kim in posh Swiss prep schools, the vi­cious vixen shares a lux­u­ri­ous fortress palace with her hus­band, po­lit­i­cal big­wig Choe Song, and their five-year-old daugh­ter.

As GLOBE has pre­vi­ously re­ported, Yo was first seen in charge on June 13 when she threat­ened South Korea with war.

Pudgy pip­squeak Kim ear­lier vanished on April 11 when he was re­port­edly rushed to the hospi­tal, where docs in­serted stents to un­block his clogged blood ves­sels.

But sources tell GLOBE Kim was “in a veg­e­ta­tive state” after be­ing poi­soned by an as­sas­sin linked to his am­bi­tious sis­ter, who’s been chomp­ing at the bit to take over for years. He died and was re­placed by a body dou­ble as Yo firmed her grasp on power, CIA sources say.

Yo has pre­vi­ously helped Kim tor­ture and slaugh­ter other rel­a­tives and govern­ment of­fi­cials who got in the way, in­clud­ing Army Vice Min­is­ter Kim Chol, who was ex­e­cuted by mor­tar shell fire in 2012, and Deputy Min­is­ter of Pub­lic Se­cu­rity O Sang Hon, who was fried alive by a flamethrow­er in 2014.

Yo’s takeover is said to be re­venge for Kim’s pub­licly hu­mil­i­at­ing her by claim­ing it was her fault Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump walked out on peace talks in Viet­nam last year.

“She smiled and acted like a loyal sis­ter to her big brother while she planned re­venge and — when the time came — struck like a viper,” says the source.

“Now the snake is free to spew death around the world!”

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