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Golf Today Northwest - - From The Publisher - By BOB DUN­CAN,

fo­cus on: • Ef­fec­tive face po­si­tion at im­pact • Grip po­si­tion • Swing length • Swing ef­fort or power • Club se­lec­tion • Ac­tual re­sults Ef­fec­tive face po­si­tion at im­pact: What may seem ob­vi­ous, isn’t! You want your club to be soled level with the sur­face, right? Maybe. Any time you’re hit­ting a par­tial power shot you’ll want the club either soled level or slightly toe-down at ad­dress and im­pact vs slightly heel-down for a full power ad­dress po­si­tion. The last thing you want is a heel-down po­si­tion on th­ese shots be­cause you’ll more likely strike the ball lower on the face. By mov­ing closer to the ball and stand­ing taller, the shaft will be more ver­ti­cal. A more ver­ti­cal shaft and toe-down face po­si­tion may ac­tu­ally be the ticket – give it a try! Grip po­si­tion: Hit­ting a par­tial shot? You might want a par­tial club. Grip full for some shots and choke down on your club to a ver­i­fi­able po­si­tion for others – even to the point where your fin­gers are just above the shaft. Chok­ing down will also make the shaft more ver­ti­cal and the toe down, so this is a ben­e­fit. Swing length: Be­cause you have a par­tial length club and a par­tial length yardage, you need a par­tial length swing. Try to swing to a ver­i­fi­able length. Some call it 3/4 or 4/5, some shoul­der high with the hands, but pick a length in that neigh­bor­hood and make it com­fort­able. Swing ef­fort or power: Take the power out of the swing! Th­ese shots gen­er­ally don’t re­quire power, so don’t use any. Swing at a com­fort­able speed that works with the club and doesn’t fight it. A good anal­ogy is that there is a bucket of wa­ter on the end of the club and if you ap­ply power at

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