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and chal­lenged by fresh and new ac­tiv­i­ties and prac­tice. Here are a cou­ple of ex­am­ples to prac­tice to stim­u­late your learn­ing and wake up your senses. Do you lose en­ergy dur­ing your prac­tice and end with a medi­ocre shot us­ing your driver by the time your bucket of balls is fin­ished? Try re­vers­ing the or­der. With a good warm up with Golf Ver­i­fied Train­ing Aids and af­ter stretch­ing a lit­tle more than usual; start with your driver as the first club, then move onto longer fair­way clubs, fol­lowed by longer irons, down to the wedge. The in­ten­tion, here, is to sus­tain en­ergy. You will have more en­ergy for the driver at the be­gin­ning and per­haps less en­ergy at the end of the bucket. A lit­tle short game to end a great prac­tice ses­sion will be per­fect for your en­ergy level. Al­ter­na­tively, try in­cor­po­rat­ing an ir­reg­u­lar prac­tice pe­riod into your reg­i­men, where your men­tal game has to con­stantly adapt. By do­ing this, you are forced to be more en­gaged with the game it­self. The goal, here, is to work on your sys­tem of play­ing, rather than just hit­ting the ball. Each shot should be hit with a dif­fer­ent club, re­quir­ing you to adapt to your golf clubs, set-up, and ap­proach for each golf ball ad­dressed. This is how we play golf in the first place. The next time you prac­tice, re­mem­ber to change golf clubs of­ten, play The Driv­ing Range Game, or switch the or­der of your clubs in or­der to con­serve en­ergy. Th­ese sug­ges­tions should en­cour­age more en­gaged learn­ing, im­prove your prepa­ra­tion for the real game, and, most im­por­tantly, im­prove your Golf Re­sults, Now.

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