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The County Sligo Golf Club is one of North­west Ireland’s many trea­sures. On the sec­ond tee, the view of the course, the bays, and the North At­lantic be­yond, make you want to put down your bag, pull out a blan­ket, and have a pic­nic, right there. And you’d be tempted to stay a long while. That view comes to mind when I take out one of my half dozen Sligo (Sly-go) shirts, which I do for most rounds. Shawn Aucoin (a very nice guy) and a cou­ple of bud­dies started mak­ing Sligo ap­parel be­cause they couldn’t find men’s golf clothes that were both com­fort­able and fash­ion­able. Well, they changed that. A few years ago, I tried to help Shawn get the word out about Sligo. The Sligo mes­sage needed to be about the com­fort. It’s ridicu­lous, for some rea­son he and his pals fig­ured out the right cuts and fab­rics to make a man’s golf shirt feel like a freak­ing silk bathrobe. Com­bine that with ex­cit­ing and some­times wild, in­no­va­tive de­signs that have the peo­ple I live with, and even peo­ple I play golf with, say­ing: “Whoa, great shirt.” I have kept in touch with Shawn. And it was great (and not sur­pris­ing at all) to hear that his 2017 Spring Col­lec­tion is as cool as all his oth­ers. It’s not to be missed that Sligo gear is very sub­tly co­or­di­nated. A splash of grey in the shirt matches the pants (or shorts); a splash of black con­nects with the belt. What is very cool; if you have three Sligo shirts and three Sligo pants or shorts, then you’ve got easy mix­ing and match­ing-enough for a long road trip. The 2017 Spring stuff is great. I even like the names he comes up with, like “Drake”. Who’d ever ex­pect an On­tario-based for­mer golf pro, turned de­signer, to name a col­lec­tion af­ter a Toronto rap­per. The Sligo shirts, pants, and shorts (they have belts and watches and stuff too, but let’s start with the ba­sics) are so stylish that my wife and daugh­ters ap­prove. It’s worth your while to go to

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