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There are cer­tain things that have hap­pened to ev­ery cart-rid­ing golfer—some re­peat­edly—dur­ing a round of golf. In no or­der, they in­clude: los­ing a club, find­ing a club, get­ting to the fair­way or green­side with the wrong club, lay­ing a club down on dew or rain-laden grass and get­ting the grip soaked, lay­ing a club down and get­ting the grip a fine coat­ing of fer­til­izer or weed killer, and bend­ing over to pick up a club and en­joy­ing the ef­fort less and less as the round de­volves. With so many new cour­ses de­signed for rid­ers not walk­ers, and with so many holes as ‘cart path only’, the saunter into the fair­way (or rough, or woods) or to the green­side bunker or fringe is now more of­ten with a light se­lec­tion of pos­si­ble weapons. Some­times I feel like a Puetz golf rep. For as long as I can re­mem­ber, I’ve al­ways car­ried a big white towel on such ex­cur­sions to com­fort the grips of my ex­cess clubs and cover them up if nec­es­sary. Judg­ing from what my play­ing part­ners were do­ing over the last few dozen rounds, I’m still in the mi­nor­ity. But the Bron­wyck com­pany of Lake Tapps, WA., has the ideal so­lu­tion for all those guys with­out tow­els, and for a lot of other golfers. It’s one I like, too. Mark Rem­ing­ton came up with an idea that is so ef­fi­cient and help­ful for cart golfers, se­nior golfers, or any golfer with back is­sues, that you’re left won­der­ing why Old Tom Mor­ris didn’t have a Side­kick Caddy. Es­sen­tially, it’s a feather-light de­vice that fits eas­ily into your bag that you pull out as you se­lect your va­ri­ety of club op­tions head­ing to the fair­way or green. As­sess­ing your ca­reer and life-chang­ing shot from the fair­way, or bunker, or green­side fringe or trap, you pause and foot-press the Side­kick Caddy into the turf and rest all those clubs you, in your wis­dom, have de­cided not to use. There they stand, rest­ing on the Side­kick rather than in the wet or the muck or the chem­i­cals. At the end of the round, your back isn’t hurt­ing nearly as much as usual, the grips aren’t wet, and you can leave the course and just drive right by that ‘Tow­els on Sale’ sign. That’s a win. You can find them, in seven col­ors—one’s gotta go with Dad’s bag— at side­kick­ or bron­, and Puetz Golf Su­per­stores.

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