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There are still those walk­ing among us who ab­sti­nently main­tain that it is the archer and not the bow. No mat­ter that one bow is bam­boo and the other fiber­glass. They know who they are.

In the past few decades, the bows have kept get­ting bet­ter. Just when you think that the lab coats have taken golf clubs to their ab­so­lute limit of ef­fi­ciency along comes a roc Alan Hock­nell and it­er­a­tion has just re was years in the ge when CEO, Chip Br sim­ple ques­tion: “If if you wanted max what would that be march­ing or­ders: G A few years later, th If the devil is in the Call­away's rev­o­lu­tio im­pact to add ball s lab folks came up w with pow­dered met Tung­sten en­gi­neere launch and long ca more con­trol. Then on the Big Bertha stiff­ens the top line load, or as they cal the face for in­creas to give the en­gi­nee the moment of iner resti­tu­tion.

In the Epic and Epic Pro Irons, Dr. Hock­nell and the gang of 70, elo­quently an­swered CEO Brewer's ques­tion and came up with the best bows yet. Check them out at­away­

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