4 Tips You Can Im­ple­ment With Al­most No Ef­fort

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As a di­verse sport, there are a lot of golf tips cir­cu­lated on any me­dia for var­i­ous skill lev­els. We have re­ceived quite a lot of sug­ges­tions to pro­vide some tips that will be easy to im­ple­ment. To ac­com­mo­date those re­quests, to­day we have com­piled some of the best, easy to im­ple­ment golf tips you can use vir­tu­ally in­stantly. Let us be­gin with the first one.


What is the spe­cial K? It is ba­si­cally the re­verse-k shape main­tained by your back leg be­fore the swing. To cre­ate this pos­ture, bend your back leg for­ward from the hip sock­ets, and back from be­low the knees. With this cor­rect spe­cial K pos­ture, it cre­ates more room for your arms to swing. To as­sess the cor­rect pos­ture, you should be ca­pa­ble of draw­ing a straight line from your tip of the el­bow to the top of your spine, and an­other line from the knee down to the ball.


If you slice of­ten, the most com­mon mis­take is putting the ball po­si­tion too far for­ward. So, the first thing you should try is to put the ball above inset, in line with your shirt logo. If that still doesn’t work, an­other com­mon prob­lem is the turn of your swing, caus­ing you to hook the ball. To eas­ily fix this prob­lem, turn harder through the im­pact af­ter your swing. Most hooks are caused when you slow down the turn af­ter hit­ting the ball, snap­ping the face closed. By turn­ing your whole body to the left to­ward the tar­get, you will avoid this is­sue. Shift a bit to the left as you start, with your chest point­ing to the ball, and turn hard to the left.


Most of the time, your first putt is quite far from the hole, and most be­gin­ners ne­glect the im­por­tance

of prac­tic­ing long dis­tance putts. If your long putt is not on point, the ball might end up too far from the hole. With say, 6 feet from the hole, the sec­ond putt will be quite dif­fi­cult to make. How­ever, with a nice, long first putt, you can eas­ily two-putt the whole. So, here is our very pow­er­ful tip for the prac­tice green: work on longdis­tance putting.


What is the se­cret of pow­er­ful and ac­cu­rate swing? It is the form. Yes, there are many fac­tors that can de­ter­mine a swing form, but there is a sure­fire tip to im­prove


your swing. This swing tip, we be­lieve, will be use­ful for play­ers of any lev­els. The key? the po­si­tion­ing of your left shoul­der. First, when tak­ing your nor­mal ad­dress, note the po­si­tion of your left shoul­der. Re­mem­ber this po­si­tion, and swing the club back. Your shoul­der should not move dur­ing your chin, although it is not that crit­i­cal. The im­por­tant part is your down swing. Con­cen­trate on re­turn­ing the left shoul­der to your start­ing po­si­tion. This does two im­por­tant things: first, you will get a clean con­tact with the ball. Sec­ond, it stops a com­mon bad swing­ing habit, which is lean­ing too much on your right side. We sure hope these easy tips will be use­ful in im­prov­ing your game, as they have im­proved ours be­fore. Please don’t hes­i­tate to leave any ques­tions or sug­ges­tions in the com­ment sec­tion be­low, and please help us share this ar­ti­cle with your fel­low golfers.

Jor­dan Fuller has vis­ited al­most all of Amer­ica’s best golf cour­ses. From these visits, he has met with golfers of all lev­els and now shares his knowl­edge of the field on­line through re­source­ful ar­ti­cles. His ob­jec­tive is to make you a bet­ter golfer.

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