Ket­tle­bell Train­ing for Golfers

Golf Today Northwest - - Contents - By: DR. HARRY G. SESE, DC, BS, RMT, GOLF IN­JURY & PER­FOR­MANCE SPE­CIAL­IST Dr.sese is the Clin­i­cal Di­rec­tor at the Wash­ing­ton Golf Per­for­mance In­sti­tute in Belle­vue, WA.

“Dear The Golf­ing Doc. What is the best piece of equip­ment for de­vel­op­ing more strength for golf? Thanks."

— John J., Seat­tle, WA.”

When it comes to what is the best piece of equip­ment for get­ting stronger for golf, there re­ally isn’t one that is bet­ter than the other. I say this be­cause it all de­pends on your body and what you are try­ing to achieve in the gym. This is very sim­i­lar to some­one ask­ing you what is the best train­ing aid to im­prove your swing. Well, it all de­pends on what you are try­ing to im­prove. While you may be fa­mil­iar with tra­di­tional pieces of gym equip­ment like the bench press, squat rack, leg press ma­chine and crunch ma­chine, these are not al­ways the best things to use to im­prove your strength for golf. I know ev­ery­one wants to hit the ball far­ther but sim­ply lift­ing weights like ev­ery­one else isn’t the trick. I think we have seen over the last sev­eral years that even pro­fes­sional

golfers who be­gin to lift heavy weights and put on a lot of mus­cle ac­tu­ally play worse than be­fore. Strength­en­ing for golf is very spe­cific. One of our fa­vorite equip­ment to use at GOLFLETICA is the ket­tle­bell. If you are not fa­mil­iar with this, it is a lead or cast-iron weight shaped like a can­non­ball. The shape is al­ways the same but the size of the ball can vary re­gard­less of the to­tal weight. For ex­am­ple, a 5 pound and 25 pound ket­tle­bell may look ex­actly the same but then you hurt your back when you re­al­ize one is a lot heav­ier than the other. The same goes for their han­dle as well. Some are thin and nar­row while some are thicker and uni­form re­gard­less of the weight to the ket­tle­bell. We like to the use the ones that have the same han­dle and can­non-ball size re­gard­less of weight. One rea­son why we rec­om­mend us­ing ket­tle­bells for golf strength­en­ing and con­di­tion­ing is that they are great for de­vel­op­ing dy­namic and bal­lis­tic power. This is what you need as a golfer to cre­ate ex­plo­sive, ro­ta­tional power. There are ba­sic ex­er­cises that im­ple­ment the ket­tle­bell such as a squat or lunge. I would sug­gest you work with a qual­i­fied trainer to help you de­velop and learn how to use this type of equip­ment cor­rectly. Although a ket­tle­bell is a great tool for de­vel­op­ing dy­namic power, it is also just as dan­ger­ous and ca­pa­ble of cre­at­ing an in­jury if used in­cor­rectly. Be­fore you rush out to the stores and buy a

ket­tle­bell, make sure you are in rea­son­able shape to try this type of train­ing. You should have al­ready been do­ing some strength­en­ing ex­er­cises that have been work­ing on your sta­bil­ity and mo­bil­ity. Whether you have been do­ing this through other equip­ment such as re­sis­tance bands, body-weight sus­pen­sion sys­tems, or even just ply­o­met­ric ex­er­cises, it is highly ad­vis­able you build up your strength to ket­tle­bell-type train­ing. Here are some things to look for when pur­chas­ing a ket­tle­bell for your per­sonal gym. First of all, you don’t need to buy sev­eral of them in var­i­ous weights. Nor­mally, I would say some­thing be­tween 15 to 25 pounds is more than enough. I would then sug­gest get­ting a pair. This will al­low you to do a wider va­ri­ety of ex­er­cises ver­sus just hav­ing one. If you want to test one out in the store, hold it with both hands be­tween your legs and squat 20 times. If you can do that and feel a good burn in the mus­cles, then that’s prob­a­bly enough weight for you. Here is Shawn demon­strat­ing some great ex­er­cises us­ing the ket­tle­bell. These have all been cho­sen to help your golf swing. If you ex­pe­ri­ence any pain or un­usual dis­com­fort while per­form­ing any of these ex­er­cise, stop im­me­di­ately and con­sult your physi­cian. If ket­tle­bell train­ing is some­thing you en­joy, search your area for a cer­ti­fied ket­tle­bell trainer. For more great ket­tle­bell ex­er­cises, visit Shawn’s blog at www.shawn­farm­ers­

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