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Golf Today Northwest - - Contents - By KATHY GILDERSLEEVE-JENSEN, PGA Kathy Gildersleeve-jensen is the 2014 PGA Na­tional Teacher of the Year.

Do you want to take your golf game to the next level? Not only to help you learn the game in an at­mos­phere that is fun, in­ter­ac­tive and so­cial, but to de­velop your skills to help you suc­ceed on the golf course. To ac­quire a higher skill level could be a reg­u­lar in­struc­tion or coach­ing as well as en­ter­ing events and start com­pet­ing. There are a lot of things you can do to im­prove your golf scores along with tak­ing les­sons, golf clin­ics, camps or go to acad­e­mies. Listed be­low are a few things sug­gested to get re­sults in your golf to be more suc­cess­ful.


Play­ing golf is one of the best ways to reach your golf goals. Golf is a game of strat­egy whether it’s the va­ri­ety of ter­rain, weather, or golf course de­sign. Golf has so much to of­fer and play­ing ex­poses el­e­ments to chal­lenge play­ers to make de­ci­sions on ev­ery sit­u­a­tion. How you deal with the is­sue is what will im­prove your golf game. Us­ing a driver, iron, chip shot and put­ter pro­vides play­ers the se­quence of the game. Ad­di­tion­ally, the range pro­vides a sense of con­fi­dence to find a re­peat­able golf swing to take out to the golf course. Play­ing the game re­quires your en­tire at­ten­tion to take your game to a bet­ter skill level. The more you play, the more com­fort­able you be­come on the golf course, mak­ing wiser de­ci­sions. To have greater re­sults quickly, a two-hour play­ing les­son from golf pro­fes­sion­als is a ter­rific rem­edy. Then, you can fin­ish up your round and asses how you fin­ished. This will help to un­der­stand typ­i­cal shots that may need to ex­e­cute dif­fer­ently to have lower scores. Lower scores are truly the goal to play the game at a higher skill level; it is the ob­jec­tive.


Com­pe­ti­tion is why many of us play sports. To im­prove your golf game, a lit­tle com­pe­ti­tion chal­lenges your nerves and skills. That is what’s great about golf; there are many cre­ative chal­leng­ing com­pet­ing games to test your skills from small to big events. A won­der­ful way of learn­ing golf is to com­pete against one an­other, which will de­velop into a bet­ter prac­tice ses­sion than com­pet­ing against you. Plus, it is more fun when some­one joins in with you. Hu­man com­pe­ti­tion is healthy in de­vel­op­ing how to be hum­ble when win­ning and how to lose with re­spect and grace. Im­prov­ing your judg­ment skills will make you a more com­plete player.


The fastest way to make your golf game go to a higher skill level is the short game. The short game means all shots in­side 50 yards, in­clud­ing bunkers shots, bump and run shots, lob shots, putting and much more. For more short game in­for­ma­tion, down­load my ebook here. This is the scor­ing area ev­ery­one can ac­com­plish. It is a reach­able dis­tance and im­prov­ing the tech­nique can sure be­come an as­set to any­one’s game. Work­ing on dis­tance con­trol and aim can shave off sev­eral strokes. Prac­tic­ing shorter shots will save and elim­i­nate bad er­rors. Don’t throw away all your hard work at the end of ev­ery hole!


Dis­tance and speed is a must weapon to reach a higher skill level. The tour play­ers are reach­ing far­ther than ever be­fore and show how an im­por­tant ad­van­tage it is to have mega dis­tance in your game. In your prac­tice, work on hit­ting the golf ball harder and sim­ply rip it! By hit­ting your tee shots well, you’re set­ting your­self up to a good start at ev­ery hole. Try think­ing of hit­ting it harder first; ac­cu­racy sec­ond when prac­tic­ing with your driver. Grip it and rip it! The re­al­ity of golf: It is only a game, so have fun while pro­cess­ing it your en­tire life. This is a learn­ing process; en­joy it. It takes per­sis­tence and pa­tience to be­come a great player. Tri­als and tribu­la­tions comes with the ter­ri­tory, em­brace this and your learn­ing skills will sur­prise you in a ben­e­fit­ting out­come. En­joy the process to get golf re­sults now.

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