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Fi­nally, a driver that is tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced but built for golfers who are not tour pros or low hand­i­cap ama­teurs and pos­sess a more mod­er­ate swing speed. Tour Edge Golf re­cently came to mar­ket with its ground-break­ing XJ1 driver that fea­tures loads of new tech­nol­ogy and is built to help play­ers get the most from more nor­mal swing speeds. In ad­di­tion to the light­est Ti­ta­nium al­loy avail­able, it also has one of the finest pre­mium shafts in a new, rev­o­lu­tion­ary su­per light-weight de­sign that is of­fered as the stock op­tion—some­thing you never see in a club aimed at the ev­ery­day player.

“Most tech­nolo­gies of the past decade have ben­e­fit­ted play­ers with higher swing speeds—elim­i­nat­ing the ma­jor­ity of golfers,” ex­plained David Glod, pres­i­dent and founder of Tour Edge Golf. “We have been de­vel­op­ing the XJ1 driver for over four years, work­ing on each char­ac­ter­is­tic of the club, mov­ing crit­i­cal amount of weight around for the best re­sults, and wait­ing for tech­nol­ogy to catch up to our goal of bring­ing this ex­tremely light­weight driver to the mar­ket, which will ben­e­fit golfers with real swing speeds.”

This club is very light to the touch and you don’t have to hit it very hard to get a lot of pro­duc­tion from it.

In con­struc­tion of the head, there are four main tech­nol­ogy sto­ries. The su­per metal 9-1-1 ti­ta­nium body is re­mark­ably light and 10 per­cent lighter than the old 6A4v ti­ta­nium that has been used in the past. This al­lowed en­gi­neers to save sig­nif­i­cant weight in the club body and with the su­per strength of this metal, al­lows the face to be thin­ner and more re­ac­tive, even at lower swing speeds. This is just one of the club’s as­pects that al­lows for more club­head speed—and dis­tance.

The new Kevlar-Car­bon crown is also ultra-light­weight, durable and very strong and weights a mere 12-grams—sav­ing sig­nif­i­cant weight and low­er­ing the cen­ter of grav­ity for bet­ter launch con­di­tions. The in­creased firm­ness of the Kevlar-Car­bon crown re­sults in greater ball speeds higher on the face.

Uti­liz­ing SP 700 beta ti­ta­nium in the face plate pro­vides su­pe­rior re­sults be­cause it is thin­ner and more re­ac­tive, and al­lows it to be larger than on a nor­mal driver. Along with be­ing larger, the face in­cor­po­rates thin­ner edges that al­low it to be robot­i­cally laser-bound to the body of the club, sav­ing ad­di­tional weight and in­creas­ing C.O.R. all over the face.

The near-per­fect weight dis­tri­bu­tion in the 460cc head is achieved with three tung­sten weights, in­clud­ing two heel and toe sta­bil­ity bars at 10-grams each. The sta­bil­ity bars widen the sweet spot and in­creases M.O.I. sub­stan­tially for even greater for­give­ness.

For those that pre­fer to hit a draw, the weighted tung­sten screw in the heel is po­si­tioned strate­gi­cally for draw en­hance­ment and faster re­lease of the club­head through im­pact. This can also be changed with the vari­able weights that are avail­able in a kit—3,6,12,14 grams.

One of the big sto­ries for this club is the ultra-light 45-gram Fu­jikura Air Speeder shaft, mak­ing Tour Edge the first com­pany to use one of these pre­mium shafts in stock pro­duc­tion. This shaft helps the club pro­vide high launch and a soft feel--and re­ally helps in­crease ball speed and the abil­ity to in­crease dis­tance even with a mod­er­ate swing speed. With the lighter head in this club, you don’t lose feel be­cause the light shaft does a good job match­ing up with it to keep things in bal­ance.

The XJ1 driver is avail­able in 9, 10.5 and 12 de­grees of loft, right hand only.

For more info on the Tour Edge XJ1 driver: www.touredge.com

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