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Antigua Sum­mer 2017

Anew blend of ma­te­rial that of­fers more com­fort and wear­a­bil­ity highlight the Antigua golf polo shirt col­lec­tion for this sum­mer. The com­pany is in­cor­po­rat­ing Span­dex into its pri­mary ac­cent col­ors for the sum­mer of 2017, and the new feel is a breath of fresh air.

“Al­most ev­ery style has in­cor­po­rated this fiber into the con­struc­tion of fash­ion fab­rics for both func­tion and form, elim­i­nat­ing any gar­ment re­sis­tance through­out the golf swing and of­fer­ing an en­hanced sup­ple hand, smooth drape and re­newed re­cov­ery with ev­ery use,” noted Sean Gregg, Antigua’s Vice Pres­i­dent of Prod­uct Devel­op­ment and Mar­ket­ing Sup­port.

The self-col­lar style Sus­tain takes a solid piece-dyed jersey/ span­dex top shoul­der de­tail and con­trasts it against a heather overdyed pointelle mesh--the lat­ter of which of­fers breatha­bil­ity while wick­ing. The main body fab­ric is a sub­dued color shade com­pared to its jersey com­ple­ment, based on the use of heather yarns soft­en­ing the color tones. The two fab­rics meet at the shoul­der-sleeve seam, where a neu­tral elas­tic heather tape over­laps the seam to com­plete the seam­less merge.

Uti­liz­ing the same de­tailed com­plex­ity of fab­ric paired with style, this sea­son’s style Streak in­cor­po­rates a sim­ply en­gi­neered chest and sleeve panel of pri­mary brights, com­ple­mented by a grey heather jersey front torso panel. The con­trast of the en­gi­neered color and neu­tral hor­i­zon­tal chest stripe is sep­a­rated with this sea­son’s pri­mary pop ac­cent col­ors. Strate­gi­cally knit into the divi­sional color sep­a­ra­tion is a near-in­vis­i­ble pair­ing of hor­i­zon­tal mesh stripes that add a tex­tured sur­face in­ter­est with breatha­bil­ity.

Style Ar­ray fea­tures a jac­quard dou­ble knit fab­ric built for breatha­bil­ity but dis­guised as an all-over, 45-de­gree-an­gled geo­met­ric mesh pat­tern. A self-col­lar is set against con­trast­ing, yet com­ple­ment­ing ac­cent shoul­der seam tape dis­tin­guishes it as a true fash­ion style.

This sea­son’s stripe col­lec­tion of­fers fresh vi­tal­ity in con­trast­ing col­ors. In­cor­po­rat­ing span­dex yarns into a fine jersey knit gives the sim­plest of stripe pat­terns a charged ap­peal. A solid-and-heather tonal feed stripe com­bined with heather overdyed insets--as seen on the self-col­lar style Or­bit--demon­strates this with so­phis­ti­cated, sim­plis­tic ap­peal. The solid quar­ter-inch, all-over re­peat of style Strand dyed to­gether with a com­ple­ment­ing tonal pin­stripe and fin­ished with a match­ing flat knit col­lar is a fresh take on the clas­sic golf feed stripe. And style Do­main’s use of tonal and con­trast­ing ac­cent stripes os­cil­lat­ing in a light-to-dark om­bre pat­tern makes this self-col­lar jersey/span­dex polo a cen­ter­piece gar­ment for the col­lec­tion.

Us­ing a self-col­lar as a com­ple­ment­ing ac­cent to the boldly pat­terned style In­fi­nite em­bel­lishes its fresh mix of color-on-color stripes, mak­ing it a must-have in ev­ery color com­bi­na­tion this sea­son.

Style Havoc is the epit­ome of the fash­ion polo in Antigua’s Sum­mer ’17 col­lec­tion, with its use of var­ie­gat­ing space dye yarns. Us­ing yarns dyed in col­ors spe­cific to this sea­son’s col­lec­tion, it’s been knit in an en­gi­neered pat­tern con­sist­ing of al­ter­nat­ing space dye and solid yarns that cre­ates an ever light­en­ing, so­phis­ti­cated tonal ef­fect.

Antigua con­tin­ues to em­bel­lish tex­tured solids this sea­son by adding an ab­stract geo­met­ric all-over em­bossed in­ter­lock style. Style Sur­vey cre­ates an op­ti­cal ef­fect of light and shadow that brings this solid style to life with a golfer’s ev­ery move­ment. To en­hance its so­phis­ti­cated fash­ion ap­peal, it’s cre­ated us­ing an un-em­bossed solid self-col­lar and cuff in­ter­lock mak­ing for a truly hand­some piece.

Com­plet­ing this sea­son’s polo of­fer­ing is a sub­li­ma­tion print with strate­gi­cally en­gi­neered front and back pan­els. Pur­posely de­signed with a color-to-white gra­di­ent and solid-to-geo­met­ric stripe de­tail, style Fi­nesse fully demon­strates the depth of this sea­son’s pri­mary col­ors as they wash to white. It’s both a fun and ac­tive styling--fit to the col­lec­tion. For more in­for­ma­tion, visit Antigua on the web at:

www.Antigua.com and ShopAn­tigua.com

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