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Novem­ber 3rd New Moon in Scorpio brings a to­tal so­lar eclipse, bring­ing you the gift to for­give ev­ery­one, es­pe­cially your­self. About two weeks af­ter this eclipse is the time for let­ting go of the past so you can move on. This eclipse is es­pe­cially pow­er­ful be­cause Scorpio eclipses are rare and brings a sig­nif­i­cant turn­ing point in your life over the next six months.

De­cem­ber 2nd New Moon in Sagittarius brings an open door to new and ex­cit­ing ad­ven­tures. Pre­pare for won­der­ful new begin­nings, but please stay in your truth. Sim­ply say what you mean and mean what you say.

Novem­ber 17th Full Moon in Taurus brings the time for you to fer­ret out your in­ner demons. In or­der to effect a cure, it is not nec­es­sary for you to deal with the prob­lem on the same level that it oc­curs. Time to detox, wrap things up, and get rid of those bad habits.

De­cem­ber 17th Full Moon in Gemini brings the un­ex­pected. As the en­ergy intensifies, we may ex­pe­ri­ence a resur­gence of sud­den change that could take the form of global dis­rup­tions or earth- based erup­tions.


Novem­ber brings a de­sire to be­gin early to dec­o­rate for the hol­i­days. Look for bar­gains on do­mes­tic and hol­i­day items around the 19th. Mer­cury goes di­rect on the 10th, and you can clear up com­mu­ni­ca­tion mix- ups af­ter that. Ex­pect ca­reer chal­lenges mid- month, but all works out. De­cem­ber brings a pos­si­ble move, sale, or pur­chase of prop­erty, as well as an in­her­i­tance. Plan some home im­prove­ments in time to en­ter­tain for the hol­i­days.


Smile, Taurus, luck is on your side as Novem­ber opens! Pam­per your­self and hol­i­day shop a lit­tle. Be­gin your New Year re­view of where you are, how far you’ve come, and where you are headed next. De­vote ex­tra time to fam­ily and loved ones and plan a spe­cial event around the Thanks­giv­ing hol­i­day. De­cem­ber in­creases the odds for good news for your mate and for you. This lucky in­flu­ence is good for close re­la­tion­ships, busi­ness and per­sonal. En­joy a warm and lov­ing hol­i­day. Ex­pect some clashes on New Year’s Eve. Think calm thoughts and con­sider the source.


Life gets back on track once Mer­cury goes di­rect on Novem­ber 10th. You’ll fi­nally be able to get the an­swers you need. The last week could bring hoped- for news, as well as great bar­gain hunt­ing. Your job has a high pri­or­ity, and the work­load gets heavy over the next six months. De­cem­ber brings great news at work— a pro­mo­tion, up­grade, raise, or de­sired con­tract out­come. Be care­ful cel­e­brat­ing at hol­i­day time; catch a ride if out so­cial­iz­ing, and avoid dis­agree­able ac­quain­tances.


Your so­cial life takes off in Novem­ber, and it takes time jug­gling to see all the friends who call on you. A friend of a friend could be­come a new ro­man­tic in­ter­est. You may feel pushed and pulled as you plan for the Thanks­giv­ing hol­i­day. Use your good judg­ment and try to com­pro­mise. De­cem­ber brings up­lift­ing mo­ments with chil­dren and cre­ative en­deav­ors. Use your cre­ative side to max­i­mize your bud­get; make gift bas­kets, cook­ies, and more for friends.


Home is where the heart is in Novem­ber, Leo. Host a fam­ily din­ner at Thanks­giv­ing and a get- to­gether with friends over the week­end. You are so­cially de­sir­able and very busy through­out the month. Keep your eye on your bud­get and avoid big spend­ing. De­cem­ber brings cre­ativ­ity as you dec­o­rate for the hol­i­days, in­vite fam­ily and friends over, and make warm mem­o­ries. The last week brings a let­down; if you were ex­pect­ing a pro­mo­tion, raise, or bonus, you could be dis­ap­pointed. Don’t ex­pect to get the go- ahead on any­thing ma­jor as 2014 opens.


You’re in the mood for fresh scenery, es­pe­cially af­ter the 10th, when Mer­cury goes di­rect. Head out of town over the Thanks­giv­ing week­end. You may want to take a class and learn a new skill. Neigh­bors, sib­lings, and friends play a larger role in your life, as well as your old­est son. An old friend reap­pears around the 25th. De­cem­ber brings hol­i­day dec­o­rat­ing for visits by friends, co­work­ers, and rel­a­tives. A dat­ing re­la­tion­ship could cool. This is not the time for ro­mance or in­vest­ments and ma­jor pur­chases. New Year’s Eve sparks mem­o­rable mo­ments with long­time friends.


Re­la­tion­ship mis­un­der­stand­ings work out af­ter the 10th, once Mer­cury turns di­rect. An­tic­i­pated good news could ar­rive by mid- Novem­ber. Be es­pe­cially cau­tious with prom­ises made now, be­cause peo­ple may stretch the truth and tell you only what you want to hear. De­cem­ber is one of your fa­vorite months of the year. Your en­ergy lev­els get a boost, which can trig­ger a nice year- end bonus or raise. With hol­i­day shop­ping you can be thrifty yet gen­er­ous. Ex­pect some frus­trat­ing de­lays at New Year and through­out Jan­uary 2014.


Novem­ber brings you the in­cen­tive you need for new per­sonal di­rec­tions and the ini­tia­tive to move strongly into the fu­ture. Peo­ple will be a key com­po­nent of your am­bi­tious per­sonal agenda. By seek­ing their sup­port and of­fer­ing the same, you’ll find a clear path. De­cem­ber brings plans for a va­ca­tion trip along with a learn­ing pos­si­bil­ity. Ed­u­ca­tion op­tions en­hance your ca­reer in 2014. If you’re con­sid­er­ing com­mit­ment over the hol­i­days, it’s best to hold off un­til the end of Jan­uary 2014. Money im­proves and flows over the next six months. Happy New Year, Scorpio!


You will need to bal­ance your­self and your work, with time enough for your­self and your in­ter­ests. Be­gin an ex­er­cise pro­gram along with a health­ier diet. You ben­e­fit at Thanks­giv­ing, as it’s eas­ier to con­nect with fam­ily and friends, bring­ing your brand of en­thu­si­as­tic op­ti­mism. De­cem­ber brings a time to pam­per your­self. Time to re­view what you’ve ac­com­plished over the year and be­gin to write your New Year’s res­o­lu­tions. With thrift and care­ful shop­ping, you can en­joy a nice hol­i­day. Money eases up in early 2014.


Knowl­edge is your pas­sion in Novem­ber, and you are in fre­quent touch with peo­ple at a dis­tance and from far­away places. Your hol­i­day sea­son be­gins early, with an ac­tive so­cial life and time with friends and fam­ily. A ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ship could turn se­ri­ous or you could meet some­one new at the Full Moon. De­cem­ber qui­ets things down a bit. Lis­ten to your in­ner voice and learn to trust it. Ca­reer net­work­ing is good, but in a qui­eter en­vi­ron­ment. You have more re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and dead­lines over the hol­i­days; make it a pri­or­ity to bal­ance work and fam­ily time.


Aquar­i­ans move into do­mes­tic high gear as Novem­ber opens. You could be in the process of mov­ing, plan­ning a Thanks­giv­ing get- to­gether, and ready­ing your dec­o­ra­tions. Re­la­tion­ships are up­beat, but this is not the time to ini­ti­ate any­thing new. You could en­joy a short trip with friends at month’s end. De­cem­ber con­tin­ues the ac­tive so­cial life. The pace slows down a bit so you can en­joy fam­ily and friends. Hol­i­day so­cial­iz­ing will be at its best. Your job ef­forts are re­warded at month’s end. Take ad­van­tage and net­work and de­velop new ca­reer con­tacts. Be care­ful on the road and around the house at month’s end.


You’re on the move in Novem­ber with a va­ca­tion trip or a visit with fam­ily and friends. You’re in touch with those near and far, run­ning end­less rounds of er­rands. You’re at the cen­ter of the hol­i­day so­cial scene, Pisces. Be alert for new so­cial con­tacts. Ro­mance could bloom with a friend at Thanks­giv­ing time. De­cem­ber brings close fam­ily ties to­gether. Join fam­ily and friends for spe­cial hol­i­day events and en­joy an un­ex­pected hol­i­day bonus. Friend­ships that were rocky dur­ing the year may con­tinue to be so. Watch your spend­ing and avoid any high- ticket items as hol­i­day gifts. Born as one of two sets of iden­ti­cal twins, El­iz­a­beth Joyce has been psy­chic since birth. Named one of the World’s Great­est Psy­chics ( Citadel Press, 2004), she is a spir­i­tual healer and gives per­sonal psy­chic read­ings world­wide. Ms. Joyce is a pro­fes­sional astrologer, spir­i­tual coun­selor, en­ergy healer, medium, and clair­voy­ant who in­ter­prets dreams and teaches the new en­er­gies of the Fifth Di­men­sion. Ms. Joyce’s books, Psy­chic At­tack: Are You a

Vic­tim? and As­cen­sion: Ac­cess­ing the Fifth Di­men­sion, are avail­able at Ama­zon. com. She is lo­cated in Doylestown ( Bucks County), Penn­syl­va­nia, and Mah­wah ( Ber­gen County), New Jersey. See her Web site, new- vi­sions. com, for rates and ser­vices. For an ap­point­ment, call 201- 934- 8986.

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