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With this is­sue, I’m proud to say, we now have two very ex­cel­lent fe­male shoot­ers among our sta­ble of ex­cel­lent colum­nists.

Michelle Cerino is our ex­pert trainer (in gen­eral, I hate to use the word, “ex­pert,” but in this in­stance, it fits) whose col­umn gives great train­ing ad­vice and tips for all shoot­ers. She is a trainer and the pres­i­dent of Cerino Con­sult­ing and Train­ing Group, where she trains 200 to 350 peo­ple per year.

And now, start­ing this month, we have a new col­umn for you, “Artemis Armed,” writ­ten by Kat Ainsworth. It’s a col­umn writ­ten for women shoot­ers and the men in their life. You hear that, guys? This isn’t about you, but if you have a woman shooter in your life or will some­day, it will be ap­pli­ca­ble to you.

There’s an old Colt Man­u­fac­tur­ing ad­ver­tise­ment with the slo­gan, “God made man, but Sa­muel Colt made them equal.” In our mod­ern world, this can be eas­ily changed to read, “God made man and woman, but Sa­muel Colt made them equal.”

That is a very true state­ment. There are ob­vi­ous phys­i­cal dif­fer­ences be­tween a male and a fe­male: The av­er­age male is big­ger and has a higher per­cent­age of mus­cle than the av­er­age woman. It goes with­out say­ing that ac­tiv­i­ties and events that rely on size and strength, such as a per­sonal at­tack, are dom­i­nated by those who are big­ger and stronger.

Shoot­ing guns is not one of those ac­tiv­i­ties. What­ever en­deavor we’re talk­ing about, whether hunt­ing, shoot­ing sports or self-de­fense, when it comes shoot­ing—that is, straight-up putting sights on tar­get and squeez­ing the trig­ger—size and strength do not play roles in that. A gun is a great equal­izer.

See­ing women take to guns and shoot­ing is some­thing that makes me very happy, and for a sev­eral rea­sons. First, when women shoot, lit­tle girls see them shoot and want to em­u­late them. The more fe­males who shoot, the more gun peo­ple we have and the more nor­mal­ized it be­comes, thereby pro­tect­ing gun rights for ev­ery­one.

Sec­ond, it even­tu­ally trick­les down to mean that the whole fam­ily will be out shoot­ing. It’s not just “some­thing Dad does.” By that, I don’t mean that women are al­ways tied to fam­ily; that’s not what I’m say­ing at all. But for the good per­cent­age of women who are moms, in­stead of them go­ing to do “mom” things and leav­ing the kids with dad, or dad go­ing to shoot and leav­ing the kids with mom, now, both par­ents go to shoot, and the kids get taken along. The kids nat­u­rally learn to shoot.

Third, guns are em­pow­er­ing, as the Sam Colt slo­gan says. Women who have guns and are able to de­fend them­selves can pro­tect them­selves and their kids from the preda­tors who prey on those whom they see as smaller and weaker. Pe­riod.

If some­thing bad goes down and some­thing hap­pens to me, it is com­fort­ing to know my wife has the power and abil­ity to get my chil­dren and her­self out of that sit­u­a­tion and to safety.

More women than ever are get­ting into firearms, and Gun World cel­e­brates that.

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