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An im­por­tant, but fre­quently over­looked, con­sid­er­a­tion with any pis­tol us­ing a trig­ger bar safety is achiev­ing the proper fin­ger po­si­tion on the trig­ger. For a con­sis­tent trig­ger pull, the trig­ger bar needs to be smoothly de­pressed with the pad of the trig­ger fin­ger.

The trig­ger, it­self, won’t move un­til that bar is de­pressed. If the grips are so large that only the tip of the fin­ger can reach the trig­ger, it will often find it­self press­ing the side of the trig­ger and not the bar. Grips that are too small might see the first joint of the trig­ger fin­ger rid­ing over the trig­ger, with the bar wedged in the joint. That won’t de­press the bar in a smooth and con­sis­tent man­ner and re­sults in a

jerky trig­ger pull that trashes ac­cu­rate shoot­ing.

The three in­ter­change­able back­straps sup­plied with the Ruger Amer­i­can (small, medium, large) should al­low vir­tu­ally any shooter to get the right fit. They are easy to change with the in­cluded #10 Torx wrench, as shown in the in­struc­tion man­ual.

I have av­er­age-sized hands and found the medium size to be an ex­cel­lent fit. A fe­male shooter of my ac­quain­tance found the proper trig­ger reach for her re­quired the small size. The three back­straps are in­cluded in the fac­tory hard case, and a nice touch is the plas­tic in­sert that pre­vents them from be­ing dam­aged dur­ing stor­age.

They only take sec­onds to change, but it’s time well spent to pick the per­fect fit.

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