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It’s not un­com­mon for a new hand­gun to be in­tro­duced and be en­thu­si­as­ti­cally re­ceived by shoot­ers. They buy it, take it to the range, wring it out and de­cide to make it their EDC. Then, they start look­ing for suit­able carry gear and dis­cover that gear mak­ers are a bit be­hind the curve and that wait times are ex­ces­sive.

That won’t be a prob­lem with the new Ruger Amer­i­can Com­pact. It slid smoothly into the Bianchi Model 7 Shadow II, Don Hume IWB belt clip #H715NMO.41-1 and Black­hawk CQC Size 28 that all per­fectly fit my M&P 9c and G29.

There is a cer­tain com­mon­al­ity in leather hol­sters. My guess is that any leather hol­ster that fits the M&P com­pact or the G29 will work well for the Ruger.

I can’t say that about Ky­dex. I tried the Ruger in the Blade Tech that holds my stan­dard-sized M&P 9mm for IDPA/USPSA com­pe­ti­tion, and it didn’t fit. I sus­pect that I could have ad­justed the ten­sion screws to make it fit, but I chose not to. Ky­dex might not be as easy a fit as leather.

That doesn’t ap­ply to mag­a­zine car­ri­ers. Com­par­ing M&P 9mm mags with the Ruger 9mm mags, I found the tube di­am­e­ters to be vir­tu­ally iden­ti­cal. The leather mag car­ri­ers I had for the M&P fit the Ruger mags per­fectly, as did the Blade Tech TecLoc clip-on mag car­ri­ers I use for com­pe­ti­tion.

No carry gear? No prob­lem. It’s al­ready out there.


The au­thor found the Ruger Amer­i­can Com­pact prop­erly fit any hol­ster in­tended for the S&W M&P or the Glock G29. As a re­sult, there is no need to hunt for carry gear … it’s al­ready out there.

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