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Just af­ter the turn of this cen­tury, Fed­eral Pre­mium am­mu­ni­tion hired some guys with se­ri­ously big brains and re­ally thick glasses. We’ve en­joyed the re­sults of their em­ploy­ment since about 2004.

One of their projects com­bined mas­sively im­proved pel­let lethal­ity, sport­ing a cut­ting edge around the pro­jec­tile’s equa­tor and a rev­o­lu­tion­ary wad. This wad de­ploys two sets of flaps, thereby re­tard­ing the wad and al­low­ing it to “pull off” the shot col­umn. This re­sults in a much tighter pat­tern. I counted pel­lets and got 144 for the 1-ounce load. Sixty per­cent con­sists of con­ven­tional heavy, steel pel­lets and 40 per­cent Flight Stop­pers. Com­bin­ing these with enough oomph to pro­duce 1,500 fps al­lows this 2¾-inch con­fec­tion to out­per­form most 3-inch mag­nums.

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