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Here are some of the rea­sons peo­ple cite to jus­tify car­ry­ing a tiny pis­tol:

“I can’t con­ceal a large pis­tol.” I’m of av­er­age build and have no prob­lem con­ceal­ing a pis­tol such as a Glock 19 in an in­side-the-waist­band hol­ster dur­ing the sum­mer when wear­ing cargo shorts and a T-shirt. Dur­ing other times of the year, a sweater, jacket or coat eas­ily con­ceals even larger guns.

“A larger gun is too heavy.” Usu­ally, the dif­fer­ence in weight is not sub­stan­tial and can be off­set by the proper hol­ster and a good belt.

“Ad­vances in bul­let de­sign make the small calibers more ef­fec­tive than they used to be.” That might be so, but bul­let de­sign has seen ad­vances in the more­pow­er­ful cham­ber­ings, too.

Much of bul­let de­sign to­day is con­cerned with over­pen­e­tra­tion. But a bul­let might still have to pass through heavy cloth­ing and bone to reach the vi­tals, so I would con­tend that un­der­pen­e­tra­tion is just as big an is­sue. I put more faith in the doc­u­mented, real-world re­sults of the .357 and .45 than I do in the ar­ti­fi­cial lab re­sults of some com­pany’s high-tech, light-for-cal­iber .380.

“Bul­let place­ment is still the most im­por­tant thing.” Sure, it is. I might be able to shoot a .380 more ac­cu­rately and faster un­der stress than a 9mm or a .45, but that com­par­i­son has to be made with guns of the same size. Com­pare a tiny, su­perlight .380 to a mid­sized 9mm or .45, and I’d bet on the larger gun ev­ery time.

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