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The CZ 527 Amer­i­can Syn­thetic Suppressor-Ready mates the ven­er­a­ble Mauser-style ac­tion with the 300 Black­out.

Few would ar­gue that the Mauser ac­tion is any­thing less than a clas­sic. The CZ 527 Amer­i­can Syn­thetic Suppressor-Ready (527 SR) uti­lizes the clas­sic Mauser ac­tion while of­fer­ing mod­ern flair in terms of cal­iber op­tions and suppressor adapt­abil­ity.

The CZ 527 ac­tion is a true mi­cro-Mauser—not a stan­dard Mauser ac­tion that has been chopped and re-welded. This makes for a svelte-han­dling ri­fle. The CZ 527 SR fea­tures an Amer­i­can-style syn­thetic pat­tern stock, a sporter pro­file ham­mer-forged bar­rel, sin­gle set trig­ger and a threaded muz­zle.

CZ has fur­ther upped the ante with in­ter­est­ing cham­ber­ing op­tions in 7.62x39 Soviet and 300 AAC Black­out (SAAMI short name: 300 BLK). This might sur­prise some, be­cause both of these cham­ber­ings are as­so­ci­ated with mil­i­tary-style ri­fles; but both car­tridges are nat­u­ral can­di­dates for use in con­junc­tion with the mi­cro-Mauser bolt ac­tion. The 300 BLK, in par­tic­u­lar, is a nat­u­ral match to a ri­fle in­tended to ac­com­mo­date a suppressor and is the car­tridge cham­ber­ing tested for this ar­ti­cle.

Credit must be given to CZ for com­ing up with this for the Amer­i­can mar­ket; there are few main­line firearm com­pa­nies of­fer­ing ei­ther round in a bolt-ac­tion ri­fle for­mat—let alone with a 5/8x24 threaded bar­rel ready to ac­com­mo­date mount­ing a suppressor. What role is the CZ 527 SR in­tended to fill? As with most things re­lated to firearms, the an­swer de­pends on the in­di­vid­ual sit­u­a­tion. Fac­tors such as mind­set, per­sonal pref­er­ence, skill level, train­ing, need to ful­fill mul­ti­ple roles and even le­gal re­quire­ments all come into play re­gard­ing ri­fle se­lec­tion for de­fense.

The CZ 527 SR, with its Mauser ac­tion, is def­i­nitely at home in a hunt­ing role. CZ’s de­ci­sion to of­fer a suppressor-ready bolt-ac­tion 300 BLK opens up mul­ti­ple roles. The CZ 527 Suppressor-Ready and 300 BLK were made for each other.


CZ-USA, based in Kansas City, Kansas, is the U.S. sub­sidiary of CZ and the im­porter of CZ firearms. CZ, it­self, is based in the Czech Repub­lic and dates back to 1919. In 1991, it was one of the first East Euro­pean cor­po­ra­tions to emerge from the postSoviet era to com­pete in the West. This com­pany is one of

the world’s largest firearms man­u­fac­tur­ers, em­ploy­ing more than 2,000 peo­ple and sell­ing its wares in more than 60 coun­tries. CZ prod­ucts in­clude handguns, shot­guns, sport­ing ri­fles and mil­i­tary weapons.

The CZ 527 SR has a clas­sic sporter ap­pear­ance, tak­ing full ad­van­tage of the mi­cro-Mauser ac­tion to cre­ate a lightweight, smooth-han­dling ri­fle. Truly a short­ened pro­file, the CZ 527’s Mauser ac­tion is only 6 inches long and saves at least 1 pound over a stan­dard Mauser bolt ac­tion.

Pos­i­tive func­tion­ing was never an is­sue: CZ has fit­ted the 527 SR with a 16.5-inch, ham­mer-forged, free-float bar­rel with threaded muz­zle. CZ bar­rels are of ex­cel­lent qual­ity (re­fer to the in­cluded test group ac­cu­racy side­bar on page 39). Sling swivels are stan­dard fea­tures on the CZ 527.

The CZ 527 SR ri­fle is fed from a de­tach­able, five-round mag­a­zine. A bet­ter mix­ture of clas­sic bolt with Amer­i­can util­i­tar­ian car­tridge would be hard to come by.

Com­par­ing sev­eral sources of in­for­ma­tion, stan­dardv eloc­ity 300 BLK 115- to 125-grain am­mu­ni­tion ex­ceeds the bal­lis­tics of the 7.62x39 and eclipses the 5.56mm in both bal­lis­tics and ter­mi­nal punch. At 300 me­ters, the 300 BLK has ap­prox­i­mately 17 per­cent more en­ergy than the 7.62x39. The 300 BLK from a 9-inch bar­rel has the same en­ergy at the muz­zle as a 14.5-inch-bar­reled 5.56mm M4 and sur­passes it as ranges ex­tend.

Not sur­pris­ing (be­cause AAC is in the suppressor busi­ness) is the abil­ity to choose 300 BLK sub­sonic loads for op­ti­mal use with a sound suppressor. The abil­ity to ac­cess ei­ther su­per­sonic or sub­sonic fac­tory am­mu­ni­tion of­fers the shooter great flex­i­bil­ity. What­ever roles the CZ 527 Suppressor-Ready is con­sid­ered for—hunt­ing, per­sonal de­fense or sport—it fits the bill.


Am­mu­ni­tion tested with the CZ 527 Suppressor-Ready in­cluded Hor­nady 125-grain HP, SIG Sauer Elite 125-grain and 220-grain Match sub­sonic, and Black Hills 125-grain and 220-grain OTM. What dis­tin­guishes the 300 BLK is its abil­ity to ac­cess stan­dard su­per­sonic rounds for typ­i­cal hunt­ing or longer-range en­gage­ments su­pe­rior to 5.56mm while main­tain­ing the trump card of sub­sonic am­mu­ni­tion for more­dis­crete spe­cial­ized work.

A SIG Sauer Tango 6 1-6x24mm op­tic was mounted via CZ 30mm rings. One cru­cial im­prove­ment with the CZ Mauser is its square bridge de­sign that al­lows for an in­te­gral scope base. The CZ rings mate up right to the ac­tion for solid at­tach­ment and help en­sure re­li­able scope ze­roes. The Tango 6 of­fers a 1x il­lu­mi­nated ret­i­cle set­ting for fast tar­get ac­qui­si­tion at close range with both eyes open. A quick turn of the knob to 6x en­ables longer pre­ci­sion shots.


The SIG Sauer Tango 6 is loaded with high-end fea­tures, such as an ad­justable, il­lu­mi­nated MOA ret­i­cle and extra-lowdis­per­sion glass com­bined with high-trans­mit­tance glass for out­stand­ing light trans­mis­sion and clar­ity. In ad­di­tion, the tur­rets are re­set­table, lock­able and zero stop. SIG Sauer of­fers var­i­ous power ranges and op­tions in the Tango 6 model lineup: dif­fer­ent ret­i­cle styles, MRAD or MOA tur­ret ad­just­ments, and first or sec­ond fo­cal plane, to name a few. The whole pack­age came to­gether when the SIG Sauer SRD762-QD suppressor was mounted on the ri­fle via SIG Sauer’s Ta­per-Lok mount­ing sys­tem. Af­ter all, suppressor use is the point of a ri­fle cham­bered in 300 BLK. The SRD762-QD weighs 17 ounces and mea­sures 7 inches long and 1.625 inches wide. It has a sound rat­ing of 140db and is rated up to .300 Winch­ester Mag­num.

The sub­sonic 300 BLK rounds were “movie quiet” out of the CZ 527 SR with the SIG suppressor mounted. The Tango 6 scope’s Horse­shoe Dot ret­i­cle al­lows for both su­per­sonic and sub­sonic aim­ing points to be es­tab­lished.

The CZ 527 sports a unique, sin­gle set trig­ger de­sign. This def­i­nite Euro­pean fea­ture might not be as fa­mil­iar to U.S. shoot­ers, but it proved use­ful when fir­ing from the bench. The trig­ger is set by push­ing it for­ward; once set, it of­fers a trig­ger pull weight of 2 pounds. How­ever, the nor­mal trig­ger pull was a quite ac­cept­able, crisp 4.5 pounds and cer­tainly was no detri­ment dur­ing ac­cu­racy test­ing at the range.


The CZ 527 Suppressor-Ready bolt ac­tion and the 300 BLK make for a very ap­peal­ing, distinc­tive com­bi­na­tion. There is no need for a su­per-mag­num ri­fle and a mega-zoom scope with a hy­per-com­pli­cated ret­i­cle. I find it hard to be­lieve that any­one us­ing this ri­fle cham­bered in this car­tridge would ever be un­der­gunned or at a dis­ad­van­tage when hunt­ing deer­sized game or pressed into a de­fen­sive pos­ture. It will find a niche for it­self in the Amer­i­can mar­ket, ap­peal­ing to ri­fle lovers for its ef­fi­ciency.

The users al­ready fa­mil­iar with the 300 BLK car­tridge will ap­pre­ci­ate the per­for­mance en­hance­ment of­fered with the CZ 527 SR in terms of ac­cu­racy and ease of sup­pres­sion. As for quiet­ness, noth­ing com­pares to a bolt ac­tion with a qual­ity suppressor at­tached and fir­ing sub­sonic am­mu­ni­tion. Be­cause the ac­tion is man­ual, a bolt ac­tion takes that noise el­e­ment out of the pic­ture.

I was quite sur­prised by the ac­cu­racy pre­mium of­fered by the bolt-ac­tion CZ 527 SR com­bined with SIG Sauer op­tics.

The CZ 527 SR was tested for ac­cu­racy from the bench and from around bar­ri­cades and other ob­sta­cles, with and with­out a suppressor mounted, to get a bet­ter ap­pre­ci­a­tion of its han­dling and per­for­mance. Steel tar­gets were smacked with ease out to 250 yards, ei­ther stand­ing or us­ing field-ex­pe­di­ent rests. The in­creased ac­cu­racy of the CZ 527 SR with SIG Sauer Tango 6 op­tics paid great div­i­dends.

While by no means ri­val­ing a semi­au­to­matic for fire­power, the de­tach­able, five-round magazines were handy to recharge the CZ 527 af­ter the last round. As ex­pected from a bolt ac­tion, no mal­func­tions were ex­pe­ri­enced. The safety se­lec­tor was dif­fer­ent com­pared to U.S.-based ri­fles with



the safety en­gaged by push­ing it for­ward and re­leas­ing it by mov­ing it rear­ward. The safety made no au­di­ble noise when ma­nip­u­lat­ing it—an im­por­tant con­sid­er­a­tion for hunt­ing or de­fense. Re­coil was not a fac­tor; nearly 150 rounds were fired with no is­sues or detri­ment to the ac­cu­racy ex­pe­ri­enced.


The CZ 527 SR is a ri­fle that can serve in mul­ti­ple roles, such as sport, hunt­ing or de­fense. The 300 BLK cham­ber­ing is a def­i­nite pos­i­tive. It of­fers both per­for­mance and flex­i­bil­ity in adapt­ing to a va­ri­ety of sit­u­a­tions. More and more load op­tions are be­ing de­vel­oped for the 300 BLK, in­clud­ing pre­mium hunt­ing bul­lets.

It’s an im­pres­sive ri­fle/cham­ber­ing com­bi­na­tion that of­fers great ver­sa­til­ity—and in a very handy pack­age. With the abil­ity to at­tract users from a va­ri­ety of back­grounds, the CZ 527 Suppressor-Ready should prove a pop­u­lar of­fer­ing from CZ USA.

The CZ 527 Amer­i­can Suppressor-Ready makes for a great-han­dling ri­fle that can be brought to bear quickly; yet it sac­ri­fices noth­ing in terms of range and power due to 300 BLK bal­lis­tics and the ri­fle’s ac­cu­racy.

A SIG Sauer SR762-QD

suppressor and pro­pri­etary SIG Sauer Ta­per-Lok muz­zle



The CZ 527 SR has a threaded bar­rel to ac­com­mo­date easy adap­tion to suppressor use.

CZ’s de­ci­sion to man­u­fac­ture a “square bridge” Mauser with in­te­gral scope bases will aid in its ac­cep­tance by bolt-ac­tion ri­fle con­nois­seurs for whom a scope is stan­dard equip­ment.

The CZ mi­cro-Mauser ac­tion is per­fect to cre­ate a lightweight, great-han­dling ri­fle. Truly a short­ened pro­file, the CZ 527’s Mauser ac­tion is only 6 inches long and saves at least 1 pound over a stan­dard Mauser bolt ac­tion.


Nu­mer­ous 300 BLK am­mu­ni­tion loads were used with the CZ 527 SR, in­clud­ing stan­dard and sub­sonic loads.

A CZ 527 SR 300 BLK sub­sonic with a suppressor is the ideal can­di­date for de­fen­sive use.

The Sub­sonic 300

BLK with a qual­ity suppressor such as the SIG Sauer SRD762-QD is a po­tent com­bi­na­tion.

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