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The M&P here stands for “mil­i­tary and po­lice.” Even so, this gun also has a huge fan base among civil­ian shoot­ers. It fol­lows the cur­rent trend of poly­mer-framed/striker-fired guns, but the M&P guns are loaded with fea­tures; and op­tions abound when pur­chas­ing one of these guns. You can choose 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP or even a .22 LR (a great trainer if you own a larger gun); plus, you can have it with or with­out a threaded bar­rel, a man­ual safety or laser sights. There are var­i­ous frame col­ors of­fered, and there are also com­pact mod­els for con­cealed carry. Grip ge­om­e­try on this gun is ex­cel­lent, and the low bore axis and de­cent trig­ger make fol­low-up shots a breeze—ideal for com­pe­ti­tion and de­fen­sive shoot­ing. All the M&Ps I have shot were ac­cu­rate and re­li­able, and break­down is sim­ple. The new 2.0, re­leased in early 2017, im­proves upon the orig­i­nal, in­clud­ing the trig­ger. In a world in which shoot­ers want op­tions, the M&P line never fails to im­press.

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