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When the Judge broke cover just over a decade ago, there were a lot of shoot­ers scratch­ing their heads. The naysay­ers brushed off the de­sign, but within a few years, they went from cry­ing, “Gim­mick!” to say­ing, “Gimme!”

The Judge, for those of you un­fa­mil­iar with Taurus’ most ground­break­ing firearm, is a dou­ble-ac­tion re­volver that fires both .45 Colt pis­tol car­tridges and .410 shot­shells.

The Judge’s size pre­cludes it from con­cealed-carry du­ties, but that heft makes it very com­fort­able to shoot at the range, where you can oblit­er­ate wa­ter­mel­ons, pump­kins and can­taloupes with your choice of loads. I’ve tried to break hand-thrown clay tar­gets with this gun—with vary­ing (okay, low) lev­els of suc­cess—us­ing .410 shells, but it’s a safe bet that some­time this sum­mer, I’ll be try­ing once again. (There’s also a .454 Ca­sull ver­sion of this boomer, which seems cool, but I’m not in­clud­ing the .454 on any list of guns I con­sider “fun” to shoot.)

MSRP: $514–$1,037

Shoot­ing the Judge, es­pe­cially with .410 loads, is lots of fun. Re­coil is man­age­able, and try­ing to break clay tar­gets with a shot­gun presents a whole new chal­lenge.

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